See and feel the safari at the Promised Land Zoo

branson-promised-land-zooJust opened its gate last June 18, 2013, the Promised Land Zoo is Branson’s newest attraction up to date. It is located on the Shepherd of the Hills Expressway and is fast becoming a favourite destination of tourists and locals of the entertainment city. It features various animals from different places with a main goal of giving education and conservation awareness to people. The Promised Land Zoo is a whopping 5-acre land that is home to over a hundred different animals and over forty-four different species. Because it has only recently opened, many of the animals are babies and youngsters. But even so, just imagine how you would delight in seeing cute animals at the zoo! You and your kids would surely have a great time here at the zoo.

The Promised Land Zoo brings the animals to you rather than you go to them in very far places like the Savannah in Africa. There are lion cubs playing, lemurs swinging, and even hyenas laughing and lounging in the sun. Various exotic animals can be found at the zoo and you can even get up close and personal with them if you like! Adventure in the Promised Land Zoo is just like an adventure to the Safari. Besides exotic animals, you will also fins critters like caracals, alligators, prairie dogs, a spider monkey, and so much more on the neatly mulched hillside paths. Watch out for and get to know the famous animals at the Promised Land Zoo when you visit, like Forrest Hump ( a baby camel), the squirrel monkey, and adorable baby zebra, Calamity Jane (an Olive Baboon), and the Banana (the world’s largest Burmese Python)! Jungle Josh, one of the zoo’s directors and animal show performer will guide you with the animals of the Promised Land Zoo.

If you plan to have a trip to Branson, Missouri, better include the Promised Land Zoo  in your list of Branson attractions to visit. It is open daily from 9am until 7pm. You can buy the last admission ticket at 6:30pm if you want to check out the zoo at night and have that night in the safari feel. Bring your camera with you as you can take pictures while walking around zoo. You are free to ask questions of you have some! Here are some of the places you should stop by at the Promised Land Zoo: The Parakeet Paradise, a screened house enclosing different exotic birds, is open from 10am to 6pm. The much sought after animal shows are offered every at times 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm. Watch Jungle Josh and his helpers bring out all sorts of animals during the show. You can pet and feed them these animals while Jungle Josh teaches fun facts about other unique animals, including Esmeralda (the Screaming Hairy Armadillo) and Barry (the Kinkajou). If you can’t get enough of the petting and feeding during the shows, you are welcome to participate in the daily bottle feedings at times 10am, 2pm, and 6pm.

If you are looking for something different in Branson, visit the Promised Land Zoo. Enjoy all of this and learn a lot about the animals you see. For your convenience, the zoo facility includes restrooms. End your day at the zoo by checking out the gift shop full of fun nature-themed items, stuffed animals, plastic critters, and Promised Land Zoo merchandise. There are also other animals that are housed at the gift shop!

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