Ready To Get Stoked This 2014!

get-stoked-2014Your visit to Branson in the month of May can be the most unforgettable time of the year for you! You are in for a lot of surprises this May when you get to visit Branson. Branson is not only known as the live entertainment capital of the world, it is also the ultimate vacation destination for everyone no matter what season it is. Branson also offers you indoor and outdoor activities which you will surely enjoy. If you are looking for the best outdoor adventures in Branson, you can always go to Table Rock Lake, where there are overflowing activities that you can do.

For this month of May, Table Rock Lake presents to you Get Stoked 2014! This event is happening on May 9 to May 11, 2014 – three days for you to enjoy the waters and everything fun that comes with it. Get Stoked will happen in Moonshine Beach on Table Rock Lake. Bring along the whole family so you can make lasting fun memories together in Branson’s Get Stoked. Some of the activities that you can do with the family are visiting an outdoor sports expo, watching a fashion show by some action and adventure sports brands, and witnessing the extreme sport demonstrations that are out of this world! Other things that you should watch out for in this event are the state of the art fireworks show, good food like the sizzling BBQ, and many more!

Moonshine Beach is also one of the largest sand beach of southwest Missouri, if not the largest yet. It is the perfect place to hold the first ever Get Stoked event because it is also known for a lot of outdoor activities to Branson guests. Some of the activities that you can do in Moonshine Beach on a regular day are picnicking, swimming, scuba diving, boating, fishing, hunting, hiking, and also wildlife viewing. Yearly, there are over 5 million visitors in Moonshine Beach. The month of May is a perfect time to visit Branson’s Moonshine Beach since it gives off a retro ambiance with an abundance of sunshine. It would almost feel like you are in the mid 70’s!

Get Stoked 2014 events include an Open Water Swimming with 1 mile and 5k races in Table Rock Lake. Swimming has become a popular hobby for some since they realize that in order to do well in a triathlon, one must be able to swim well. There will be two races over the weekend to determine who will qualify for the Get Stoked Triathlon (Swim Paddle and Skate). Witness the intense and heart stopping competition between the swimmers as they vie for the top spot!

For your lodging needs in Branson, always choose Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort, the trusted industry leader for your accommodation. Choose from the various Branson lodging options in Thousand Hills. It is also located very near Table Rock Lake to make things even more convenient for you! Book your trip to Branson now and get ready to Get Stoked!

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