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Your dream home will always be one of your trophies in life, and it is also a crucial decision to make. You may have a lot of places in mind where you can have your dream home, but considering Branson Missouri for your new home is definitely the best idea. Branson Missouri is known to many as the premier vacation destination in the Midwest, and it has also gained much popularity to tourists for its live music shows.

If you have been on a vacation in Branson, you would know that it is extremely hard to leave Branson because of the many activities and attractions in the area. Have you ever imagined what life would be like if you were actually living here in Branson? Branson real estate market lets you live the dream by offering you the best homes in Branson. Let your dream home be in a place that is exciting enough, so there would always be something to look forward to.

For the best real estate choices in Branson, trust Thousand Hills Golf Resort to give you the best homes and the best deals. Plus, it also doesn’t hurt that Thousand Hills is located near Branson’s entertainment district, theme parks, outlet malls, museums, and restaurants. It would be a whole lot convenient for you since you can go to any show or park that you want and be in the comforts of your home in just a matter of minutes. Your stay in your home is also peaceful since the residential area in Thousand Hills are much closer to the Ozark Mountains and the TriLakes Area. This is so you would not be bothered much by the city noise that comes from the nearby recreational areas.

The popular choice in Thousand Hills is the Cabins at Grand Mountain. These cabins are located in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, just two blocks north of the Grand Palace on Oak Ridge Road near Branson’s The Strip. Cabins are made of Colorado cut spruce logs to exude a rustic exterior, and also to complement well with its modern interior. The interior design of the cabin is also as such so the natural setting of the Ozarks will be integrated in it.

When bringing your family to your cabin in Branson, you should not miss the famous Branson shows that your family will surely enjoy. Branson is the live music capital of the world, so you could never go wrong with visiting Branson if you are looking for shows that give pure fun and entertainment. If you are looking for shows that are family-friendly and can be enjoyed not just by adults but also by kids, then take a look at the 4 best family shows in Branson that are close to your cabin.

The Haygoods Branson Show

For almost a decade now, the Haygoods Branson Show has drawn two million people to Branson. The Haygoods features seven brothers and one sister, all of whom are musically gifted. They range from 17 to 33 years old, offering you a wide range of entertainment that all generations can surely relate. This family music show is guaranteed to give you a different kind of music experience that will amaze you and the family. The Haygoods can play very well instruments like the guitar, harp, saxophone, piano, drums, and fiddles – truly not your ordinary music show. Whatever your taste in music is, the Haygoods can please you as they go from classic country to fiddling to modern pop songs. When watching the Haygoods, not only will you find yourself singing to their own rendition of your favorite songs, you will also find yourself dancing away because the Haygoods Branson Show also features incredible dance numbers and even thrilling acrobatic stunts. And good comedy by the Haygoods puts the icing on the cake. The Haygoods Branson Show starts in March and ends in December so make sure to catch this with the family.

Presley’s Country Jubilee

The Presleys is an example of a family that has a natural gift of music and is the epitome of hard work. Having had started with playing traditional country music, the Presleys are now one of Branson’s musical delights. In fact, they are the main reason why Branson is named the live music capital of the world. Their soothing melodies of your favorite songs – may it be country or ballad or pop – will definitely make you want for more. The Presleys are Branson’s entertainment phenomenon with their country classics and southern gospel, coupled with the spontaneous wit and antics of Herkimer and son Cecil. Four generations of the Presleys have continued to uphold their family’s legacy in the entertainment world. For sure, there is still a lot to see with the Presley’s Country Jubilee as they continue to give the audience the best Branson shows ever.


There is nothing better for a family show than a show made by a family – in this case, it is a band of brothers. SIX is composed of six Knudsen brothers who shares their love and talent for music with the Branson tourists. When they were kids, these Knudsen brothers were noticed to have a knack for performing and making beautiful melodies. Then came their big break in Branson, and they are now one of the groups that brings musical delight to Branson. SIX can perform a musical range from barbershop to punk rock. What they do best is the a capella singing – one act of theirs that you and your family should not miss. Prepare to be entranced by the group’s musical talent and vocal melodies. They would not be going strong in Branson’s musical scene if not for their great talent and great personalities.

The Cabins at Grand Mountain has a two bedroom unit with loft – perfect for a family home. There are also three bedroom units for big families. Give your family the dream home they deserve by getting a cabin at Grand Mountains. For more inquiries about the cabins and other real estate choices at Thousand Hills, call 1-800-495-4653.

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