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branson-deer-huntingThat time of year is almost upon us again. No, not football season. No, not the holiday season. Ladies and gentleman, it’s deer season. That most treasured time of year when hunters of all ages, genders, shapes and sizes don their camouflage, sight in their guns, gather their arrows, check the stability of their deer stands and trek out into the woods for the hunt. Most hunters here in the Ozarks wouldn’t mind having a little insight on how to improve the deer on their plot, or how to have a more successful hunt. So where can you go to get a little Ozarks hunting advice to prepare for the upcoming season? Check out GrowingDeer.TV!

Just what is Growing Deer TV? Growing Deer TV is an informational deer hunting website created by local Ozarks hunting enthusiast and Wildlife Biologist Dr. Grant Woods. Dr. Grant Woods was raised in the Ozarks region and has had a lifelong love of whitetail deer and deer hunting. His fascination with the outdoors, and with deer, and his knowledge base on that subject led him to pursue a master’s degree and a doctorate degree in the fields of buck rubs and scraping behavior. Dr. Woods is the director of a wildlife research and a management consulting business that caters to clients worldwide. In 2010, he created a video based website to share his vast knowledge of wild game hunting with the world, and hunters everywhere have benefitted from learning how to practice advanced wildlife management techniques, read whitetail deer behavior, and more.

So what can you find on Growing Deer TV? Basically everything the avid hunter needs to know about whitetail deer, and some information on a few other critters as well. If you need some insight on some basic hunting skills, such as bow hunting or hunting with a muzzleloader, or controlling predators, check out the Hunting and Tactics video library. Want to improve an existing herd of deer on your property? On the Growing Deer TV website, you’ll find a whole video section on Deer Management. If you want to learn more about managing deer habitat, check out the videos on mineral licks and timber management. There is also a specific video archive just for food plots. Trail Cameras and Deer Behavior and Biology are some of the other videos you can access on this hunter friendly website.

Videos are not the only thing you’ll find on Growing Deer TV. This site also features a Frequently Asked Questions page, where locals on the Ozarks hunting scene (and elsewhere, of course!) can get information on the Growing Deer Team, and how they can help you improve your deer herd, habitat and hunting. You’ll also find Dr. Woods blog on Growing Deer TV, where he shares his real life experiences and information on deer subjects ranging from food plot improvement to how to process the venison you harvest to how to determine the age of bucks.

Deer season is an exciting time for outdoorsmen and women. Take some time before it starts to sharpen your skills and your management plans with Growing Deer TV; the hunt is on!

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