Outlaw Run Receives an Important New Addition

The track at Outlaw Run has been completed for a few months now, but until recently it was missing one of the most important features–the roller coaster cars! The latest video from Silver Dollar City shows the behind the scenes process of bringing these cars to their newest roller coaster, Outlaw Run, scheduled to open Spring of 2013.

The journey for these stage coaches took an almost completely opposite track from their early old west prototypes. Instead of heading west to east and opening up the wild west, these cars started out at the assembly plant in Hayden, Idaho and traveled over 1,800 miles to reach Silver Dollar City. Despite the reverse orientation though, their trip wasn’t much easier than their historical prototypes! As the old quote goes, “Neither rain nor hail nor sleet nor snow nor heat of day nor dark of night shall keep this carrier from the swift completion of his appointed rounds” and the same is true with this special delivery. They had to travel through a literal blizzard on their way across the plains!

Despite the weather, the cars arrived safely and met the track for the first time this winter. More testing, landscaping, and putting the finishing touches on are still underway to get Outlaw Run ready for it’s debut this spring. Coaster enthusiasts can’t wait to ride one of the tallest, fastest, and most intricately designed wooden roller coasters in history!

Outlaw Run is already shaping up to be one of the premiere Branson highlights of the 2013 season–and the excitement is only getting bigger. Make your plans to visit today and secure your chance to visit Silver Dollar City and this historic grand opening.

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