Outdoor Branson Winter Activities

cabin-snow-tallWhen some folks think of winter, they picture curling up next to a toasty, crackling fire with a fuzzy blanket or a warm quilt, a good book or the TV remote and a steaming hot cup of rich hot cocoa. But wintertime, though cold, can provide some neat opportunities for some outdoor activities that you would not get at other times of the year – just be sure to layer up nice and warm! If you are lucky enough to be in Branson, Missouri in the wintertime, you are in for some fun – there are some great Branson winter outdoor activities waiting for you when you are ready to brave the cold.

Talking Rocks Cavern: If you want to escape the cold, head underground to check out Talking Rocks Cavern. Here you will see the beauty of the Ozarks from the inside out as you take a forty-five minute tour of the caverns. Stalactites and stalagmites decorate the inside of Talking Rocks year round! After you explore the cave, check out the gift shop, mini golf and gemstone mining as well! It is sure to keep you occupied on a cold winter’s day.

Hiking at Table Rock State Park: If you are a nature or a hiking enthusiast, grab your wool socks and a warm coat and head on out to Table Rock State Park for some winter hiking! Winter provides an opportunity to see the lake and the surrounding area in a different light. Chances are you will see some of the unique songbirds that winter over in Missouri, or that you will spot a squirrel or two harvesting their winter acorns from their caches. Be sure to bring your camera! Snowdrifts and icicles make for some great photographic opportunities. And don’t forget about the exercise benefits! Studies have shown that exercising on a cold day burns more calories than on a warm day, because in the wintertime your body is working double time to exercise AND keep warm. So take a hike!

These are just a few of the fun outdoor Branson winter activities you can find around town. You can also check out the local parks for some great sledding hills, peruse the winter scene on the Branson Landing, or build a snowman! And when you get cold, your fire, blanket and cocoa will be waiting for you in your cabin when you return.

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