Not Just For Tourists – Tips For Living in Branson

branson-landingLiving in Branson is a little like vacationing here the whole year. As a local you come to find the best small town restaurants and the best time to hit Silver Dollar City. Living in Branson is an experience and gives you the tourist town appeal in a small town setting.

If you are looking to move to Branson, where you live in important. You might be looking to stay closer to the heart of the city, but will Branson being such a small town living out and away from the hustle and bustle is a good idea. With some many beautiful views and opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, living in Branson can give you the best of both worlds if you choose a home a of the beaten path. Also, it gives you a break from the constant flow of tourists and who doesn’t like beautiful scenic views?

Branson is known for its shows. As a local, you have a unique opportunity to try out different shows. Many of the theaters switch performers or bring in new acts every year and provide you with brand new entertainment year round. Obviously, you will love the classic Branson shows, like Dixie Stampede, the Baldknobber’s, and the Presley’s but don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Six is a phenomenal experience, as is the Haygoods. And Branson entertainers love locals. Every year shows do area appreciate where you can get in for a fraction of the cost, and they typically will give you discounts all through the year just for being a local.

Living in a tourist town mean there will be many restaurants geared toward bringing visiting guests, and while these restaurants are great, there are almost always over packed and may leave you wanting more of a down-home experience. As a local you have the ability to explore a little bit. Branson has great family and locally owned restaurants. Dana’s BBQ, The Shack, Billy Gail’s, and Vasken’s Deli are all great locally owned restaurants that live off of local support. Branson also has great Mexican and oriental restaurants scattered around. Living in Branson leave you with so many different restaurant options, so make sure to take in some local cuisine and leave the tourists to the hour and a half waits.

If you are going to play tourist for a day, make sure to do it on a weekday. Silver Dollar City is a fun experience for everyone, but not when there is a sea of people and you have to wait 45 minutes to ride Fire in the Hole. Go on the weekdays! Typically, families and couples come down on the weekends, so Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the perfect days to visit SDC or White Water. Shows won’t be a packed on weekdays, and might even offer you cheaper tickets. Restaurants won’t be as busy, and traffic will not be as horrible.

Branson traffic is an experience. A person living in Branson should know to stay off of 76 Country Boulevard, or the Strip, between May and December – don’t even venture over that way. Instead, learn the back roads. During the season there are plenty of back roads and short cuts that should keep your time on the Strip to a minimal amount. Especially if new to the Branson area, grab a map and turn off the tourist routes; almost every road will lead back to the Strip so taking a little day trip and exploring the are will not only leave you with a fun day, but give you alternate routes when traffic on the Strip is sitting still.

Branson is located in the middle of many other little towns and cities that offer other attractions and amenities that Branson doesn’t. Historic Downtown Hollister has quaint little shops and coffee houses, and Point Lookout, home to College of the Ozarks, is a great afternoon get away with a beautiful campus, the award winning Keeter Center, and a diary where you can visit the cows, and the hard working students.

Visiting Branson is great, but living in Branson is even better. You can the best of both worlds – the chance to act like a tourist and enjoy all of the attractions Branson offers, but the ability to side step the tourists and lines and enjoy a little of that Ozark mountain magic.

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