Need for Speed at Branson Celebrity Car Museum

Branson Missouri is a popular tourist destination because all, if not most, of its attractions can be enjoyed by people of different ages. Whatever season you may visit Branson, you are sure to find a lot of interesting stuff to do and see. Branson is not just about the live music shows and theme parks. It has been one of the most visited tourist destinations in Missouri also because of its unique collection of museums. From the bizarre to the mind-boggling, the Branson museums will definitely pique everyone’s interest.

One of the unique museums in the area is the Branson Celebrity Car Museum. If you are going to Branson with the whole family, a stop at the Branson celebrity Car Museum is absolutely a fun experience for everyone as they can see the different car models used in Hollywood hits. The Branson Celebrity Car Museum is showcasing their Velvet Collection this year, so if you happen to drop by the museum, you get to see an awesome display of celebrity owned cars, cars featured in movies, exotic cars and many more. As you go around the museum, you will also see some vehicles that were once owned by famous movie stars and Hollywood hall of famers. One vehicle that you can find here in the Branson Celebrity Car Museum is the 1982 Trans Am, K.I.T.T, who once appeared with David Hasselhoff in the hit TV show Knight Rider.

The museum has a total of 100 cars in its inventory and most of these are for sale. Your visits to the Branson Celebrity Car Museum will guarantee you a fresh variety of muscle cars, classic cars and many more. You can see a General Lee with John Schneider’s signature. Steve McQueen’s motorcycle is also up for grabs, along with a 2006 Mustang “picture car” from the movie Death Race. There are also nine 1950 Lincoln limousines, all custom built for President Truman and had been in presidential service during the administrations of Eisenhower and Kennedy.

A day spent at the Branson Celebrity Car Museum is definitely a great one. You might even find your next ride in this museum! As you make your plans for a Branson vacation, do include Branson Celebrity Car Museum on your list.

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