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kirby-vanburch-bransonLet’s face it – everyone is at least a little tiny bit fascinated with magic. Folks of all ages and walks of life are deathly curious about how magicians pull rabbits out of hats, cut people in half without injury, make airplanes appear onstage and just plain disappear. “How does it work?” they ask. “Is it real?” If you are one of many who find magic tricks and illusions utterly captivating, and you happen to be near Branson, Missouri, you’re in luck! There just happen to be a few great magic shows in Branson, the live entertainment capital of the world.

Kirby Vanburch – World’s Largest Magic Show!

Around the world, Kirby Vanburch is known as the ‘Prince of Magic,’ having the title bestowed on him by the Princess of Thailand on one of his many world magic tours. Kirby began his magical career at the young age of seven – he spent many years performing magic and illusions in Las Vegas, where his fame as a magician grew. In 1992, Kirby moved his magical enterprise to Branson – and he’s been here ever since! Today, Kirby’s show encompasses illusions like a rapidly appearing helicopter, flame tricks, assistants cut in two and a cast of exotic big cats!

The Magic and Comedy of Taylor Reed

A Texas native, Taylor Reed has quickly rose to fame here in Branson! A magician since the age of five, Taylor has had a long and award studded career. He also is an avid supporter of charitable organizations and has performed many shows to benefit March of Dimes, the Shriners, the Ronald McDonald House, and more. Taylor performs dozens of illusions within his fast paced comedic magic show, and the unique part is that he invented and designed most of the inventions himself! THE ULTIMATE LEVITATION Illusion is patented under Taylor’s name; he designed and built the illusion device for this trick. Another unique Taylor Reed illusion is the 25 Piece Drum Set Vanish, where Taylor combines his passion for percussion and his magic knowledge, and turns the drums into a motorcycle! For a show that will boggle your mind and keep you on the edge of your seat, be sure to get your tickets to see the acclaimed Taylor Reed!

The Hamner Barber Show

For a colorful, feathery, magical performance that you won’t forget anytime soon, check out the Hamner Barber Show! Dave and Denise Hamner, husband and wife team and nationally acclaimed magicians, will put on a family friendly show for all ages at the Hamner Barber Theater on Shepherd of the Hills Expressway. Magical illusions such as The Fall of Death and The Lightning Levitation are performed by the Hamners, as well as their exclusive act where their beautiful Macaws and Cockatoos take flight around the theater amid falling coins, flying swords, jewels and fire. At the end of this captivating show, the Hamners put on a magical tribute to Veterans that will bring the audience to their feet. Book your tickets today!

For a fabulous magical experience that will surely make some magical memories, you’ll want to visit one of these great magic shows in Branson.

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