Light Up the Fire and Have Some S’mores at the Lake Taneycomo this Fall Season

Bonfire-and-SmoresLake Taneycomo is a perfect place to spend a fantastic vacation this fall season as it offers many exciting outdoor activities, great water sports adventures and an autumn night out with bon fire, some marshmallows and spooky tales! Lake Taneycomo is one of the most visited lakes in the Midwest where its crystal clear gives a perfect shine as the bright moonshine reflects at night. The abundance of brown trout and rainbow trout in the lake provides anglers a great night fishing experience all through the

After the completion of Power Site Dam in Forsyth, Missouri in 1913, it created over 2,080 acres of surface that eventually became what is now called the Lake Taneycomo. The Power Site Dam is owned by the Empire Electric Company, a private corporation licensed to operate and produce hydroelectric power. When the dam is not generating power, it has the characteristics of a pristine lake and a clean river. The temperature of the lake is warmer when it is 50 feet deep. The shallow cold water of the lake averages a temperature of 48 degrees F which is perfect for anglers for trout fishing. When the dam is generating power, the current becomes strong and the temperature will become cold and will result to a fast running river.

The clear cold water of Lake Taneycomo produces an annual stock of ten to twelve inches of 750,000 of rainbow and brown trout that makes the lake the most popular fishing destination. The downstream area of the lake to Power Site Dam in Forsyth has warmer water that features many different kinds of species, making the lake the most exciting and challenging area for fishing enthusiasts.

Lake Taneycomo features full service marinas, resorts, campgrounds and RV parks that offer canoeing, kayaking, fishing, boating, motors, tackle, guides, and pontoons boats. Anglers in the reserved area on the uppermost portion of the lake can have the chance to fish using artificial baits. While you enjoy fishing, boating, swimming, or wading near the Table Rock Dam, a continuous blowing of the horn may be heard. This means that the dam is starting to generate power. When the dam starts to generate power, there will be a sudden increase of speed of the current in the lake. The water level may rise suddenly in a matter of a few minutes.

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