Kiddie Summer Fun at Kanakuk Kamps


Summer means school’s out! Summer may also be the best time for your kids to go on a whole new adventure and for them to meet new friends. Branson Missouri has some good news for you. You can give your kids the best summer they will ever have in Branson’s Kanakuk Kamps! This Kamp is all about fun under the sun!

Age doesn’t matter may be a mantra that is applicable in Kanakuk Kamps. It has lots of activities and attractions that people of all ages will definitely enjoy. For boys and girls of ages 7-13, the K-1 Kamp would be perfect for them. This is the Kamp with high energy, hardcore training, and lots of fun! Some activities that the kids can do here are ziplining, playing sports, kayaking, and many more. There are a total of 60 sports and activities in a day to keep the kids happy and busy! For those aged 13-18, there is also the K-2 Kamp for them. Similar to the K-1 Kamp, the K-2 Kamp also lets the teens have fun, learn, and grow into better persons. K-2 Kamp trains them to be equipped physically, emotionally, and spiritually into the world of adulthood. There are over 25 Kamp activities to choose from.

There is also the K-Kountry Kamp for boys and girls of ages 7 to 11. This might be your kid’s first experience away from home, so Kanakuk Kamps assures you that your kids will grow in love and encouragement in this camp. Another camp for kids aged 7 to 18 is the K-Seven Kamp. This Kamp gives the kids a quick view of the whole Kanakuk adventure camp. Kids find themselves always on the go from morning until night, and they will surely find themselves having their best week ever!

If your kids are more into sports, then Kanakuk has the camp fit for you. The Kanakuk Golf Kamp is open for boys and girls of ages 13-18. The golf kampers will play at Branson Creek and other breathtaking golf courses in Branson. You don’t need to be a pro golfer to get in this camp. All you need to have is the willingness to learn and the drive to get better.

Lastly, Kanakuk has the camp that is fit for all adventure lovers out there! If you are 15 to 18 years old, then you have to try the Kanakuk Adventure Series! This is a character building adventure for a lifetime. This camp runs for 2 weeks filled with exciting activities such as scuba, survival, and aviation adventures.

Kanakuk Kamps  is certainly lots of fun for the kids! And while the kids are having fun, why not pamper yourself too by rewarding yourself with the best lodging place in Branson. Choose Thousand Hills Golf Resort for your lodging place when in Branson. It is situated close to the Kanakuk Kamp area so you can be near your kids. Thousand Hills is also near Branson’s entertainment district so you can enjoy on your own too while the kids are at camp. Check out Thousand Hills and its lodging options now!

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