Kanakuk Kamps: How It All Started

kanakuk-summer-campKanakuk Kamps in Branson Missouri is known to many as the perfect camping site for the kids. There are so much to learn from here. Your kids will really have a grand time and they will have lots of good experiences where they can learn from. Kanakuk Kamps is also a great place where they can make new friends! And since this place is starting to get much attention this summer for the kids’ getaway, why not learn a little something on how the Kanakuk Kamps came to be. Let us run down memory lane to revisit the history of Kanakuk Kamps.

It was in the year 1926 when C.L. Ford decided to start a camp, and he originally called it Kugaho Kamp. As we know it this day, it had changed its name and became known as Kanakuk Kamps. Spike White then joined the Kanakuk Kamp staff as a counselor in 1931. The following year, Coach Bill Lantz became the Director of Kugaho Kamp, and made the move to change its name into Kanakuk Kamp. Lantz was also the one who instilled the Four Square and I’m Third Christian doctrines. In 1934, Kanakuk Kamps was officially under the ownership of Coach Bill Lantz. The Kamp has transferred ownership in the year 1955 when it was bought by Spike and Darnell White.

In 1958, Spike and Darnell decided to make things more exciting. Thus, they started Kanakomo Kamp which is exclusively for girls. It wasn’t long when the Kamp had to be in the hands of a new set of owners again in the person of Joe and Debbie-Jo White as the purchased it in 1976. Kanakuk Kamp was repackaged then as K-2 Kamp, which accepted teenage campers in 1978. The next year, it started the K-Life, which is a ministry of teen mentoring. The success of these camps prompted the owners to open K-West Kamp which is also for teenage campers in 1983. Five years later, pre-teen campers were also accepted in a camp called K-Kountry. In the early 90’s (1991 to 1993), Kanakuk Kamps had opened Kids Across America and K-Seven respectively for the urban youth and for pre-teen and teenage campers.

The camp then expanded to cater the families. It renamed itself as Kanakuk Family Kamp in 2006. This made the whole camping experience a new adventure of its own. The whole family got to bond with each other as they enjoy nature and Kanakuk Kamp. After another revamp in its name to cater to a wider group of people, it then opened the Kanakuk Adventure Series in 2011. The Kanakuk Adventure Series gives you different adventures to build your character and at the same time, have fun.

Backed with a rich history, Kanakuk Kamps certainly withstood the test of time to be one of Branson’s most famous destinations for the family. Check out other activities in the camp now by visiting their website kanakuk.com.

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