It’s Time For Some Bluegrass & BBQ in Branson!

bluegrass-bbqIf you want a unique treat while you are on vacation, then the best place to be is in Branson. Branson is very well known for its entertainment district. The world-class musical shows and talents of Branson have made it the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. But apart from the music shows and plays that it is known for, Branson also has the best festivals to make everything even more exciting for you!

One of the most anticipated festivals in Branson is the Bluegrass and BBQ festival. This festival is hosted by Silver Dollar City, which is one the most famous theme parks in Branson. Silver Dollar City offers you rides and attractions that will guarantee you an adrenaline rush and thrills! This 1880’s themed amusement park is home to a ride called The Outlaw Run – the world’s most daring wood coaster. To give you a breather from all the excitement in the park, there are also over 40 shows daily that you can catch. Silver Dollar City gives you the Bluegrass and BBQ festival, which is actually two exciting festivals rolled into one.

Witness two classic American traditions in one festival in Branson in this annual Bluegrass & BBQ event. The Bluegrass portion of this festival features over 50 bands which gives more than a hundred performances for the Branson audience. Within the 16 days of the festival, make sure that you get to catch the shows since there will always be a band that will have your type of jam. Bluegrass musicians and country singers from all over America come to Branson to perform. When you come and watch the Bluegrass and BBQ festival, you also get to know the folk music of America which is traditional Bluegrass music. This traditional music is greatly influenced by the ancestors of early settlers. What should you expect from traditional Bluegrass music? The rhythms of this music dates back to its African influence, and some Irish and Scottish influence can be heard in the fiddle music. The Bluegrass festival’s main point is to merge traditions and modern music. See and hear how the modern musicians add their own flavor to the traditional music. You can also see contemporary and traditional groups perform in Branson. Help keep traditional music alive by patronizing this kind of festival. Some artists to watch out for in the Bluegrass portion are Grascals, Rhonda Vincent, and Nothing Fancy.

Now comes the BBQ part of the festival. Treat your taste buds to a mouth watering BBQ recipe! More than 300 BBQ sauces are waiting to be tried by you at the House of BBQ. You can also see other creations such as Memphis-style dry rub ribs, Carolina pulled pork, Texas-style beef brisket, and Kansas City smoked chicken. There is also a contest and people can judge who gets the People’s Choice BBQ Sauce in Bottleneck Brothers Sauce Shack.

What is more perfect than a festival with music and good food? There is surely nothing like the Bluegrass and BBQ festival in Branson! Book your trip to Branson now to experience this unique festival!

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