International Cuisine in Branson

waxy-osheas-landingEating out for breakfast, lunch or dinner is always a real treat. It’s fun to sample from many different restaurants to develop your tastes and learn what dishes you like and don’t like. Branson, Missouri offers many great eateries to order up at around town – everything from bakeries to barbeque joints to pizza places. But if you’re looking for a flavor with a different flair, something that is outside the traditional American box, perhaps you should give some international eats a try – the international cuisine in Branson is sure to please your palate!

Vasken’s International Deli

If a tasty and non-traditional lunch is what you are after, you’ll want to make a date at Vasken’s International Deli! Located along Gretna Road and just down the way from the Coleman Outlet, Vasken’s is fast becoming one of the most popular luncheon places in the area. Featuring a large variety of Greek and Mediterranean food, Vasken’s is one of the more unique restaurants for international cuisine in Branson. The atmosphere in this deli is large and open – folks who are dining in can grab a seat wherever they can find an empty spot! Many customers wind up sharing tables as they enjoy the great food. The menu items themselves are prepared with fresh, wholesome ingredients and the pricing is very reasonable for the amount of food in a given order. Appetizers such as hummus dip and Baba Ganoush (a refreshing eggplant dip) are a fun way to start off your meal. Pizzas, salads and cold cut sandwiches are some of the tasty menu items, but the Vasken’s Famous Gyros take the cake – it’s easy to see why they are famous! Featuring thinly sliced and spit roasted lamb and beef, fresh veggies and a tasty sauce all wrapped in warm pita bread, these delicious Greek sandwiches will have you hooked. The Firehouse Gyro is just as good as the Famous Gyro – it includes a creamy sauce with a kick and spicy giardiniera vegetables on top of the regular gyro ingredients. Side dishes include potato salads, Feta cheese and stuffed grape leaves. Round off your meal with a flaky, buttery sweet almond croissant!

Little Hacienda

If you have a flair for Mexican food, head on over to Little Hacienda, mi amigos! Located off of Shepherd of the Hills Expressway, Little Hacienda has plenty of sizzling hot – or not – options to keep you happy. Upon entering the restaurant, your table will be supplied with the traditional tortilla chips and a delicious red salsa with plenty of cilantro and a jalapeno kick. But don’t fill up on just chips! Be sure to save room for entrees like Chili Verde, a Taco Plate (your choice of crispy or soft, ground beef or shredded chicken) or Ranchero Fajitas, a sizzling hot cast iron platter of seasoned to perfection beef, chicken or shrimp. The Ranchero Fajitas also come with rice, beans, warm flour tortillas, sour cream and pico de gallo – so come hungry or be prepared to have leftovers! Little Hacienda also offers a full service bar, as well as carry-out and catering options.

Waxy O’Shea’s Irish Pub

If you’re after a hearty meal with, perhaps, a pint to wash it down, then the luck o’ the Irish is on your side! You’ll find all foods Irish (with a few American favorites too) on the Branson Landing at Waxy O’Shea’s Irish Pub. A pub-like atmosphere, with wooden bench style booths, wrought iron light fixtures and friendly service makes you feel right at home. Start off with an appetizer like South O’ The Border Nachos or Scotch Eggs and a draft beer. Or order a cup of Beer Cheese Soup, a hearty yet tangy thick soup topped with fresh croutons. An entrée like Waxy’s Fish and Chips, Chicken Pot Pie or a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is sure to fill you up. If not, there’s always the dessert menu!

Branson, Missouri, is loaded with great food of all kinds. So when you’re ready to step outside the box, international cuisine in Branson is sure to satisfy!

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