High Powered Performers in Branson Celebrate With Andy Williams!

frankie-avalon-bransonAndy Williams has long been one of the most well known performers in Branson. With his signature hits like Moon River, countless TV appearances, and awards it could be argued that he’s one of the most famous celebrities in Branson. So it’s only fitting that for the celebration of his 75th anniversary of entertaining that he brings in some well known friends for the party! All of these performers and more will be hitting his Branson show at the Moon River Theater this fall.

September 10-15 : Debbie Reynolds : Debbie Reynolds has been entertaining on the stage and on the big & small screens for over 60 years. Most people may know her famously as Kathy Selden in “Singing in the Rain” where she performed alongside Gene Kelley. See this Golden Globe nominee, Emmy Award winner, and Lifetime Achievement in Comedy award winner live in Branson celebrating with her friend Andy.

September 17-22 : Frankie Avalon : Beach weather is coming to a close, so maybe that’s why this “Beach Party” star was able to make it inland to Branson this fall. This 60’s idol and accomplished singer & performer will be on stage for 5 days at the Moon River Theater, just up the hill from Thousand Hills.

September 24-29 : Jack Jones : Younger visitors to Branson may not recognize the name, but they will recognize his songs. Jack has over 50 albums to his name, with 17 of them hitting the Billboard Top 20. He continues performing today. Still don’t recognize the name? Hum the theme to the “Love Boat”–that’s him!

October 1-6 : The Osmond Brothers : The Osmond Brothers are no stranger to Branson. For several years they had their own theater here before moving on to other projects. But they’re back this fall to share a stage with Andy and perform their biggest hits like “Hey Girl” or “Puppy Love”.

October 8-13 : Pat & Debby Boone : This father-daughter team will definitely put on a musical show you won’t want to miss. Pat has been entertaining for as long as Andy, and has several smash hits. According to Billboard magazine, Pat Boone was the second highest charting artist of the 50’s, second only to Elvis. Since then he’s continued to perform, make TV appearances, write, and speak. His daughter, Debby, is equally well known. This 70’s pop, country and gospel singer has a number of hits of her own, especially 1977’s “You Light Up My Life”. Don’t miss this chance to see the legendary family perform together in Branson.

October 15-20 : Ray Stevens : Another Branson staple, Ray Stevens is coming back to Branson. Expect “Ahab the Arab”, “The Streak”, “Mississippi Squirrel Revival” and more hit songs and comedy. You’ll be leaving this show with stitches in your side from laughter.

October 22-24 : Clint Black : This country music superstar and film star needs very little introduction. A list of songs should suffice: “A Better Man”, “Killin’ Time”, “No Time To Kill”, and “Like the Rain” should get you started. If you’re a country music fan then seeing Clint Black in person should be on your to-do list. So now’s your chance!

We continue to celebrate with our friend & neigShowtimer, Andy Williams; 75 years of entertaining is a feat rarely achieved. Having these guests come to the party just makes it that much better. Remember, Andy Williams Moon River Theater is just up the hill, so if you’re coming to one of his shows in Branson this fall you can stay with us and see that stars!

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