Great Entertainment in the Jim Stafford Show

jim-staffordBranson is known to most people as the ultimate family vacation destination and the live music capital of the world. Aside from its thrilling theme parks and other attractions, Branson also has shows for the whole family to enjoy. Live music shows in Branson are definitely a big hit, and these are shows that you and the entire family just couldn’t miss out on!

For a grand family time, coupled with good music and a jovial vibe, catch the Jim Stafford Show in Branson. Known as the “Victor Borge of the Guitar”, Jim Stafford entertains his audience with his jaw-dropping guitar skills and his comedic antics and anecdotes about everyday life. Get to know more about this guy as you read along.

Jim Stafford has music running in his bloodstream. Born to a family of musicians, he started playing the guitar in their house’s front porch with his father. It was not long enough until he realized that he was born to do music. At the age of 14, Jim Stafford was playing in his first band, The Legends. At the age of 16, Jim Stafford was able to make a living by playing Elk clubs and weddings. After he finished high school, he moved to Nashville and became Bill Carlisle’s backup singer. The stars aligned to tell the world what Jim had to do – make and play music from his heart. Jim recorded a song “Swamp Witch” that got MGM records to get him as their talent. Swamp Witch was released in 1973. In fact, it became a Top 40 hit during that time. Jim was catapulted into stardom. Shortly after the success of Swamp Witch, he released another song, “Spiders & Snakes”, which became a smashing hit and went gold in 1974.

Jim Stafford is just so legendary in his own craft that he had to share his talent to be able to entertain millions of people from across the globe. Witness a star perform live in Branson, Missouri. Catch the Jim Stafford Show in Branson right in the Jim Stafford Theater. Tag along the whole family for a fun and heartwarming experience. The Jim Stafford Show may be the best show that you will ever witness since it is a concoction of the things that make up a great show.

Great music is a given in every Jim Stafford Show. Watch this one-man band play the guitar and drums all at the same time. Recently, he has leveled up his performance by showing his audience that playing three guitars at the same time is indeed possible for a human being. What will surprise you is how well he can mix his music with his own brand of comedy. He combines music and comedy so well, with the addition of his amazing guitar performances, which never fails to leave the audience in awe. Aside from the mentioned trademarks of the Jim Stafford Show, Jim also shares heart-warming stories of the human spirit to his audience. Not only will the show give you a different musical experience; it will also leave you inspired.

The Jim Stafford Show runs from January to December. Watch this show for this is definitely a family experience. Have fun with the entire family in the Jim Stafford Show. And when you need a place to stay while in Branson, you can always stay homey with the family in Thousand Hills Golf Resort condo and cabin rentals. Because everything you need in a vacation is here in Branson.

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