Getting To Know The Branson Titanic Museum

Are you up for a nautical adventure in Branson Missouri? You might be ready for it, but worried of getting seasick. Worry no more because Branson brings to you a nautical adventure that you will surely enjoy. Bring along your family and friends to make your Branson visit an even more memorable experience.

Think of a boat trip – minus the waves and the boat. But you can gain a lot of knowledge from it. This is what a trip to Branson’s Titanic Museum brings you. The Branson Titanic Museum is so unique in itself. Instead of finding a typical-looking building, you can find a replica of the Titanic ship. The Grand Staircase of the actual Titanic was also duplicated so that people will really get the feel of walking in the unsinkable ship itself. The guests of the Titanic Museum gets to have a “boarding pass” that serves as their ticket when they enter the museum. In the boarding pass, one can find a name of an actual passenger or crew member of the Titanic ship that set sail back in 1920. As you go inside the museum, you can explore at your own pace. Experience how it is like to walk the hallways and Grand Staircase of the ship, tour the passenger cabins, feed coal to the ship’s engine, touch an actual iceberg, send an SOS signal, sit in an actual lifeboat, and a lot more. The Titanic Museum in Branson is also home to a number of galleries. These galleries contain more than 400 artifacts from the actual passengers of the Titanic back in the 1920s. In fact, a lot of these artifacts can be found exclusively here in the Titanic Museum in Branson. You can also hear stories from the survivors of the uneventful fate of the Titanic.

As your tour’s end draws near, you can also visit the Titanic Memorial Room, where 2,208 names of the passengers of the ship are inscribed. You can look for the name of the passenger or crew member in your boarding pass, and know of his fate. The Titanic Museum also has two mascots, Molly and Carter. Molly and Carter, both spaniels, visit the museum every Friday to Tuesday from 9 AM to 5 PM as a tribute to all the pets who were aboard the Titanic. If you are lucky enough, you can catch these two adorable mascots during your visit.

For tickets to the Titanic Museum, you can call 1-800-381-7670. Get discounts when you buy tickets as a group. Each group must be 15 or more to get discounted or package tickets to the Branson Titanic Museum. The museum is open all year round. To have a hassle-free visit to the Branson Titanic Museum, it is best to call ahead and order tickets in advance. Book your trip now to the Titanic Museum and discover all the wonders and mystery of this ship!

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