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shepherd-of-the-hills-outdoor-theater Shepherd of the Hills Homestead Historical Tour is one of the many exciting attractions happening at the Shepherd of the Hills in Branson. Other exciting attraction at the Shepherd of the Hills is the Inspiration Tower that rises above the city of Branson to a height of 230 feet. If you are on top of the Inspiration Tower you have the chance to see a very inspiring 360 degree view of the Ozark Mountain. Another popular attraction at the Shepherd of the Hills is the Vigilante Extreme ZipRider which is open year-round. The starting launch of this thrilling ride is from the open air deck of the Inspiration Tower.

Shepherd of the Hills Homestead Historical Tour features a 60-minute tour on a jeep-drawn tram around the homestead. The tram tour first stop will be at the original structure of Old Matt’s Cabin which served as the home of Ross family for approximately 30 years. Inside the Old Matt’s Cabin, you will find historical items and numerous antiques including clothing worn by John and Anna Ross, some of their photographs, furniture, cooking utensils, tools, and many more.

The next stop of this Homestead Historical Tour will be at a quaint church where it relocated to the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead from Morgan Country, Missouri. The church was built in 1901 and resembles one where Harold Bell Wright preached during his time as pastor. The next phase of the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead Historical Tour is the Outdoor Drama. The guide tour will take you down on set, where you will be up close with Old Matt’s grist mill and steam engine. You will learn everything what it takes to put the drama and the action filled production. Homestead Tour at the Shepherd of the Hills from May through October runs every hour on the hour beginning at 12 pm up to 4 pm.

The Homestead Historical Tour also includes a travel to the second highest peak in Missouri, the beautiful Inspiration Point. In this Inspiration Point, there is a monument marked in the spot where the popular best selling author Harold Bell Wright camped while he compiled the notes for The Shepherd of the Hills. The fantastic and panoramic view from his campsite spans across Mutton Hollow and into the valleys of Northern Arkansas.

The carved statues of the six main characters are displayed at the Inspiration Point. These characters are The Shepherd, Old Matt, Aunt Mollie, Sammy Lane, Young Matt, and Little Pete. Rising high above these statues, you can view an exciting sight of the Inspiration Tower that sits atop the point. When the tour leaves the Inspiration Point, you will travel down the mountain to the site of Old Matt’s grist mill.

Your historical homestead tour wouldn’t be complete without visiting Jenning’s Still for an authentic look of the lost art of making moonshine. Your visit to the Shepherd of the Hills Historic Homestead is an interesting and informative way to learn more about American history in the Midwest.

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