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hook-and-ladder-pizzaPizza is one of those classic dishes that nearly everybody loves. You might say that it’s All-American – but historically, pizza was brought to America by Italians who discovered this loaded flatbread in China. Go figure! Regardless of its origins, pizza has worked its way into the hearts of many. And everyone has their favorites: thin crust, thick crust, stuffed crust, pepperoni, vegetarian, macaroni and cheese, spicy, mild, white sauce, red sauce – if you can dream it, it has probably been on a pizza. If you are in the Branson/Tri-Lakes area and you are in the mood for a slice of goodness, you’ll want to check out some of the great Branson pizza joints around town – you are sure to find a pizza that will fit your style!

Hook and Ladder Pizza Co.

Hook and Ladder Pizza, located off of the main drag in downtown Hollister, MO, is by far one of the most unique pizza places around. The first thing that you’ll probably notice is that there are antique fire trucks parked outside the door advertising the restaurant. The second thing you’ll probably notice is that the inside décor is all firehouse themed. And the third thing that you’ll probably notice is that the cooks, waiters and waitresses are all volunteer firemen and women! This locally owned and operated firehouse-centered pizza restaurant does more than make pizza – they work hard to promote paid and volunteer fire stations and to raise awareness about everything that firefighters do and how you can help. When the employees at Hook and Ladder are not busy fighting fires or responding to other local emergencies in the area, they are making pizza – delicious pizza! (And a few other things too) Upon entering Hook and Ladder, you can peruse the menu and place your order at the front counter. Then you continue into the dining room, where you can learn a lot about local fire districts just by looking at the memorabilia hanging on the walls. Then comes the pizza! The crust here is made from scratch, and so is the sauce. Only fresh, high quality ingredients top these pizzas. Some of their specialty pizzas include: the Super, which is a combination of everything good on a pizza, such as pepperoni, black olives, green pepper, pork sausage, mushrooms and more, and the Alfredo, which is a superb pizza topped with chicken, mushrooms, onions and a special cheese blend and slathered in Alfredo sauce. Hook and Ladder also serves sub sandwiches, salads, seasonal soups and desserts – a BIG slice of Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pie is a great way to round off your firehouse pizza experience!

Old Chicago Pizza

Old Chicago Pizza, located on the Branson Landing, is a nice place to have a slice of Branson pizza while people watching on The Landing and getting a view of the lake. Old Chicago has been serving pizza and beer for three decades – customers love the food and keep coming back for more. Some of Old Chicago’s menu items that are up for grabs include: Pub Pizzas, Sicilian Pepperoni Rolls, wings with varying degrees of spiciness, and Mozzarella Sticks, just to name a few. Old Chicago is also well known for its draft beers, some of which include Blue Moon, Boulevard, New Belgium and 1554. Old Chicago also offers a kids menu – so with something for everyone, it’s a great place to eat after a day of family fun, a girls day shopping trip or a night with the guys.

Mr. Gilberti’s Place

Mr. Gilberti’s Place, an authentic Chicago style pizza experience, is another wonderful hidden pizza place near Branson. Located just off of Acacia Club Road in Hollister, just up the road from College of the Ozarks (lunch after touring campus, anyone?), Mr. G’s Place is famous for their old family recipes that are cooked, baked and served at the restaurant. Start off with an appetizer like Toasted Ravioli, Crab Bites or Tomato Bread. Then choose from entrees such as a Chicago Style Pan Pizza, Mostaccoili Ala Gilberti pasta dish, or some Minestrone Soup, which was rumored to be Al Capone’s favorite dish. Desserts such as Cannoli, Gelato and Dino’s Carrot Cake can be purchased here as a sweet ending to an authentic Chicago/Italian meal!

Branson pizza (or near Branson pizza!) is always a delicious treat. If it’s a slice you’re after, you’ll have no trouble finding a place here to satisfy your hunger!

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