A Fun Date in Branson’s Hollywood Wax Museum

Have you ever dreamed of being with the Hollywood stars? Have you ever wanted to have a photo with the stars? If you did, then a visit to Branson is what you need to plan for. No, you will not meet the Hollywood stars in person. But Branson adds a twist to that – you get to meet the wax versions of your favorite Hollywood stars!

One of Branson’s most famous museums is the Hollywood Wax Museum, where it houses life sized wax figures of your favorite Hollywood stars from the past and the present. Who says you can’t have a picture with the legendary performer anymore? Branson’s Hollywood Wax Museum makes it possible for you to have photos with the Hollywood legends who passed away. Photos with these stars could be considered as rare nowadays. These photos are also worth sharing to the world! In this museum, you can also find the present actors and actresses who are considered as Hollywood’s greats.

The Hollywood Wax Museum started out in the 19909s as a family business. This place in Branson has become much of an attraction that it is now considered as one of the most visited places in the area. This wax museum is the only place in Branson that is totally dedicated to the celebrities. Due to the place’s popularity, it has expanded already. Now, you will not find the celebrities made of candle material anymore. You can also find other attractions in this museum. One of which is the Castle of Chaos. The Castle of Chaos has become a major hit with the teenagers! This attraction features a haunted video game ride with special effects that will surely make you scream your hearts out! You and your fellow riders in the Castle of Chaos can also engage in a gun battle against the evil ghouls in the game. Another attraction in the Hollywood Wax Museum is Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors. In this attraction, you get to experience getting lost in a maze, but don’t get lost for too long because the main point of the maze is to save Princess Hannah.

Branson’s Hollywood Wax Museum is open everyday of the year – that’s right, no season breaks! You have every day, every week, every month to capture great photos with the Hollywood stars you like! Plan that trip to Branson now, to experience more about this unique museum. For the Branson locals, you can also make the Hollywood Wax Museum as your birthday destination because it offers free admission for those who are celebrating their birthday!

Wax is definitely not just for the candles. Wax can make stars, too. Make the most out of your vacation and visit Branson’s Hollywood Wax Museum!

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