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butterfly-palaceBranson, Missouri, is full of fun attractions, and all of them are unique in their own right. Some of them are very educational too – so you not only have fun while visiting, but you learn as well! Some might say that those are the best kind of attractions – ones where you grow your mind and become a little better rounded for having seen them. So where can you go in Branson to find a few of these educational attractions? Read on to find out – let the learning begin!

The Titanic Museum

The sinking of the Titanic was one of the most famous tragedies in history. Not only was it one of the most famous, it is also one of the most well studied. The Titanic Museum in Branson showcases the history of this fateful ship and her passengers in a way that is both engaging and respectful at the same time – so book your tickets and come aboard! The Titanic Museum attraction in Branson is proud to partner with the Titanic Historical Society that was founded in 1963, so rest assured that anything and everything within the museum is historically accurate. When you board the Titanic, visitors are given a passport with details about one of the passengers that was on the Titanic when she left England. Throughout the museum, you’ll find small artifacts and information about your passenger. When you reach the end of your self-guided tour, you will find a large display with all the names of the passengers and their fate – so you’ll feel a true connection with the people on the ship. Throughout the museum, you’ll find fascinating displays such as a model of what a real first-class cabin looked like, an 18 foot model of the Titanic and an exact replica of the Grand Staircase, built from the original blueprints. Galleries full of artifacts recovered from the ship, an interactive children’s gallery and an entire room dedicated to the Titanic movie will add even more to your historical experience.

The Butterfly Palace

The Butterfly Palace is your go-to stop if you are looking for nature and science related attractions in Branson. Here you will find an aviary full of exotic butterflies and knowledgeable staff that are happy to teach you about their fluttering friends! Young explorers are given the opportunity to suit up with a Pith helmet, binoculars and magnifying glasses to get a jungle explorer’s look at the ‘fluttering jewels.’ After taking a stroll around the butterfly room, head to the Living Rainforest Science Center! Here you’ll see and learn all about crazy rainforest creatures geckos, poison dart frogs and even giant cockroaches. Interactive displays such as the virtual frog dissection kiosk and a virtual warning color matching game will really draw you in to the rainforest world! And don’t forget about the Emerald Mirror Maze and the Banyan Tree Bungee Adventure!

Homestead Tours at Shepherd of the Hills

For a good look into true Ozarks history, come take a guided tram tour of the Shepherd of the Hills Historic Homestead and Old Mill Theatre! Here you’ll learn the history of the famous book, the Baldknobbers, the outdoor drama and so much more, all set against the wooded backdrop of the Ozark hills and hollers. Your knowledgeable tour guide and tram driver will take you to visit Old Matt’s Cabin, Inspiration Point, Jenning’s Still, Morgan Community Church and the Old Mill Theatre. You’ll get a firsthand look at Harold Bell Wright’s first campsite, get a behind the scenes peek at the special effects used to create the outdoor drama and you might even spot visitors on horseback traveling along The Trail That No One Knows How Old!

If you’re looking for educational attractions in Branson, these are a few that are sure to feed your appetite for learning and fun!

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