More Family Adventures Coming to Branson


            Branson, Missouri, the Live Entertainment Capital of the Midwest, is well known as one of the most family friendly vacation destinations in the country.  With beautiful scenery, affordable prices and loads of exciting venues to visit, you and your family will want to come back year after year – especially to see what’s new!  2016 is full of new and exciting Branson adventures for you and your family, so plan to come and see what’s new this year!

Developers in the area will be investing $200 million to $300 million dollars on the Branson adventure that draws thousands of visitors to town each year.  The new construction is definitely going to give Branson a new look, and is moving the town towards a new theme park ride feel, while still keeping the bluegrass music and rich history alive!

One of the new Branson adventures for families is the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel that is now making it’s home in Branson.  The wheel has made it to The Track Family Fun Parks, its new owners, and assembly of the wheel will begin once construction workers have built a strong foundation for this skyline-altering attraction.  The Branson Ferris Wheel is capable of holding up to 240 passengers in 40 cars, and is 150 feet tall!  This new attraction will really be eye-catching twinkling with over 16,000 lights right off of Highway 76.

If your family is outdoor activity oriented, then the new Branson Mountain Coaster, The Runaway, is the Branson adventure for you!  This unique ride is similar to a go-cart, and uses the gravity from hillsides and mountainsides to create an exhilarating ride to the bottom of the slope.  Mountain coasters are engineered to use the natural topography and lay of the land – a perfect attraction for the steep hills of the Ozarks!  Riders are seated in individual carts that are built with the highest safety standards and features; each cart is also outfitted with a hand brake, so that each rider can customize the speed and experience of their ride – feel free to take it slow and leisurely, or let gravity give you an exhilarating rush, reaching speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.

The Branson Mountain Coaster  Get Your 2016 Vacation Guide CTA

For a sporting adventure that the whole family will love, you won’t want to miss the Ballparks of America baseball complex that will be coming to town in 2016!  You might recognize the location of this new Branson adventure – the old Red Roof Mall.  This resort-like destination for young baseball players and their teams will be built with 2/3 sized replicas of famous baseball fields around the United States.

By far one of the largest new Branson adventures that will be built on The Strip is Bigfoot – a unique 200-foot high tower with three separate highflying rides to give passengers a stunning view of the Ozarks!  Two of these three rides will be real adrenaline rushes, with one incorporating a ‘free fall’ down the tower, and the other slingshoting riders up and down, while the third is a calmer, more sedate ride to really soak in the view!

There will certainly be no shortage of Branson adventures for you and your family in the months to come.  Don’t miss out on any of the family friendly fun!


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