Experience the Thrill in Branson’s Ride the Ducks

ride-the-ducksDuring the World War II, there were military vehicles used in the battles. When the war was over, these military vehicles were renovated and were made to be useful again for another purpose. Appropriately names as “Super Ducks”, everything is absolutely super about these water vehicles such as power steering, automatic curtains, increased freeboard, and dual line disc brakes. In Branson, these military vehicles are used in the amazing and the favourite water Ride of the tourists, the Ride The Ducks. These amphibious vehicles were designed to make your lake cruising experience something to remember.

Branson, Missouri has been always known for its attractions that tourists from across the globe go to. Ride The Ducks is one of the most unique Branson Attractions that provide fun, adventure, and thrill all in one ride. It is an 80-minute tour along Branson Missouri pathways, with a trek up the beautiful Ozark Mountains, travel along the famous Highway 76 visiting Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery, trip to the pristine Table Rock Dam, and lastly, an exciting finale in true “duck” fashion straight into Table Rock Lake for a lake cruise. The Ride The Ducks is an ultimate lake activity for the whole family! Known for the comfort and the reliability the water vehicles provide, you are sure to have fun and still be at ease during your cruise.

But the Ride The Ducks is not all about fun, your safety is most certainly valued in this fantastic cruise. Thus, each water vehicle is commanded by highly trained, dedicated U.S. Coast Guard-certified captains who not only guide your tour but all entertain you will all the facts about the journey. Not to mention the anecdotes and humor they have that will turn an ordinary tour into the most enjoyable tour there is! You’ll never get bored with Ride The Ducks because of all the things you’ll know about the different places in Branson. You could even be a “duck for a day” with bill-shaped noise makers. If you want to do that quack and be the ducky duck that you can be, plan that trip to Branson and get reservations for your Ride The Ducks tour!

If you are worrying about where to stay, leave it to Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort. We have many lodging and accommodation options that will surpass your expectation on luxury and comfort. You can either be in a Branson Condominium, Branson Cabin, or a Branson Table Rock Lake Condominium. And for your convenience, all of these lodging options are only minutes from the Ride The Ducks. For more detail and for reservations at Thousand Hills, dial 1-877-262-0430 and for Ride The Ducks, visit www.bransonducks.com or call 417-266-7600.

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