Experience Adrenaline Rush in Branson’s Xtreme Racing Center

It’s not everyday that you get to experience adrenaline rush that will surely hype you up for the rest of the day. Your visit to Branson will prove to be very adventurous as you try out the many attractions! You are in the most popular family vacation destination so don’t be afraid to start new adventures, have fun, and enjoy life.

There are so many things to do in Branson that not even a day is enough to experience everything. You can play golf, drive go-karts, swim in the Tri-Lakes Area, watch a Branson show, and many more. But if you want a different thrill in Branson, there is definitely one place that you should visit. Visit Xtreme Racing Center in Branson!

The Xtreme Racing Center in Branson is located in 76 Country Music Boulevard. This is the place where you can experience some high speed racing with some world-class Sodi racing karts. Go as fast as 40 mph in this racing arena.

To ensure the safety of the people in the Xtreme Racing Center, there are requirements that should be met before you can ride the race karts. Adults and youth racers should be at least 51 inches tall so they would be able to ride. The kid racers should also be at least 42 inches tall. After these requirements are met, the racers must have a Racing License from Xtreme Racing Center, available for only $7.99 for both adults and kids. For safety purposes, Xtreme Racing Center also requires wearing a helmet with a head sock underneath for the racers. If you already have your own helmet, you are also welcome to bring them to the racing center.

There are three types of karts in Xtreme Racing Center. There are the kid karts for the kid racers, and the GT5 and RT8 for the adult racers. All adults must start on the GT5 race karts and must move up to the RT8. For the kids, they start in kid karts and later on move up to the GT5 karts. To upgrade your license, you just show your timing sheet at the ticket counter to have a free license upgrade.

In order to race, credits must also be purchased. One credit is the same as one race. When you come in big groups, discounts are also offered for groups of three, five, or ten. Now, Xtreme Racing Center also offers a “Grand Prix Special” where adults and kid racers can get credits and a racing license for a fixed price. The place also has packages for new drivers. There are also VIP Driver Membership available.

Come to Branson now and experience thrills and how to be a race car driver! Plan that trip now to Branson Missouri! For inquiries about Xtreme Racing Center, call 1-888-972-9958.

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