Enter the Breath-taking and Unbelievable Ripley’s Believe it or Not Branson Attraction

Ripleys-BuildingThere is one great attraction in Branson, MO where you should not miss. And it is purely entertaining for you and your family. Your kids whom you brought will be so much delighted. Believe it or not, the much famed Ripley’s Believe it or Not is right here in Branson!

As you approach the place, you will be amazed of an odd building full of cracks and already leaning. Your wild imagination fears you because it might fall. But nope, it is just a part of the attraction you are about to see inside. It all boils down why the building, named as Oddity Building is truly unbelievable , why it exist without falling or crumbling.

As you go inside the museum, you and your kids will be so much thrilled of about 400 exhibits and galleries. Ranging from old photographs of famous American heroes, artists, great philosophers to two-headed calf. The sound as you enter the museum is so thrilling, with some creeps and hair raising sounds, like you are in a horror movie. Your children will be in great laughter and enjoyment.. As if they hear the spirits and thus, your kids just want to be curious to feel and know better if these are real or reel!

Old music instruments like an antique piano, trumpets, old violin and guitars are on display. Seemingly, an old Toledo weighing scale, a warship wood artistry  and other medieval machineries are on exhibit too.You could also try a spin for a penny on a penny machine, where old coins just come out after trying to drop a penny. The slot machine is a little bit old fashioned and bulky, as compared to the high tech machines today.

There are also questions and drawings  printed on frames hanged on the walls  which are more interesting to your kids. Even you, everybody in your family, will think on the brain wracking questions such as “ which line is longer? “ or a question like “ where can you find the second car”. And that an answer is provided just below the artwork concealed below the question , until every one of you could not think anymore of the right answer! Such a very educational tour for your smart kids.

As you explore further the insides of the museum, you will be amazed of shrunken heads with faces of native women and men, as if they were mummified, with their hairs still in tact. Stories are related that they were old Ecuadorian people who have vanished and landed on the Bransonian soil. Many skulls , about 100 – 200 pcs are part of the exhibits too. You will feel your heads and your hair rise as you get to see them. . You and your kids will just be struck with awe. What is more revealing is a vampire killing kit, a centuries old artifact used by early people suspected as vampires. Some statues with odd faces and jaws, with no eyes as if only a skeleton just greets you with wide frown or smile.Because of your kids’ curiosity, these attractions  will make them laugh and even try to touch them. As if they are living or persons existing from outer space. You and your kids will not forget these unbelievable existence.

The culmination of this exploration of yours inside this museum is when you will pass and enter the tunnel. You walk on a steel platform, with different colors and lights just dazzles you. Especially for your kids, they will enjoy this much. As you walk on , it is somewhat dark, but the lights are just fantastic for your little kids and to go back and try again.

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