Complimentary Tickets and More with the Platinum Experience

THPlatinumBransonMetallic is in these days – gold, silver and bronze are all the rage in today’s society. At Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort, you can find the best metallic shade of them all – platinum. With qualified reservations, Thousand Hills in Branson, Missouri, is offering you the Platinum Experience in hopes of you getting the most out of your Branson stay. What exactly is the Platinum Experience, you might ask? The Platinum Experience is a booklet full to bursting with over $750 of complimentary Branson tickets, attraction admissions, free appetizers, and more, all free of charge – a thank you gift from Thousand Hills. Wondering how to make the most out of your Platinum Experience? Read on for more information.

Qualifying for Your Platinum Experience.

In order to qualify for your Platinum Experience, you must make reservations for any TWO bedroom or larger golf condo, lake condo or log cabin at Thousand Hills. Single bedroom condos or cabins and group reservations do NOT qualify for the Platinum Experience. Each qualified reservation will receive one Platinum Experience booklet – this booklet is available March 1 through December 31. The Platinum Experience is ONLY offered at Thousand Hills and there is not a catch involved – you will not need to spend any extra money or do anything special to receive your Platinum Experience, simply make a qualified reservation. Call Thousand Hills to reserve your two bedroom or larger unit today!

Making the Most of Your Platinum Experience

Now that you know what the Platinum Experience is and how you can get it, where can you use this gem of a booklet? The majority of Branson hotspots are featured in the booklet – all of the locations that offer free Branson tickets and admissions, etc. are all places that you will actually WANT to visit! Take the Pierce Arrow Theater, for example. Known as Branson’s Hottest Show and featuring world’s lowest bass singer, one free adult admission to the show can be found in the Platinum Experience booklet. Are you a fan of Beatles music? Then you will love the free ticket to see Liverpool Legends, Branson’s own Beatles impersonators hand-picked by George Harrison’s sister Louise. Wine connoisseurs will enjoy making use of the free admission to a Wine 101 class at Mount Pleasant Winery. The complimentary admission to the IMAX is sure to be popular with movie buffs. If you’re hungry after using some of your free Branson tickets and admissions, head on over to Florentina’s Restauraunte Italiano for a free appetizer (Italian Nachos, anyone?) or venture to McFarlain’s Family Restaurant for a complimentary breakfast. All of the free goodies in your Platinum Experience booklet come with instructions for redeeming your complimentary loot at the designated locations. Each voucher is a little bit different, so make sure to read the instructions to redeem your tickets, etc., carefully.

Going Platinum in Branson

Branson, Missouri, has some of the nation’s most popular shows, attractions and restaurants. With the Platinum Experience from Thousand Hills, you can take your platinum to town and make the most of your Branson tickets – and your stay!

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