A Christmas Musical Experience with Presley’s Country Jubilee

One thing that is very notable about Branson Missouri is its live music shows. The live music shows in Branson has been very much popular that Branson is now known as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. Tourists flock to Branson not only because of the music shows, but also because of the variety of activities and attractions.

People from all over the world see Branson as a place that could offer world-class entertainment for them. Some Branson guests even have their own favorite shows. One show that has become the people’s all-time favorite in Branson is the Presleys Country Jubilee. There’s no way that you will not love the Presleys as they fuse comedy and music all in one show.

The Presleys were the first family to open a theater in Highway 76, which is now known as the entertainment district of Branson. It was Lloyd Presley, who learned playing the guitar at age 10, who started the legend of the Presleys in the Branson entertainment scene. Lloyd Presley shared his musical talent in downtown Branson and Branson Beacon during the 50s. Then, his son Gary created the comedy character in the name of Herkimer, who still plays that character up to the present times. The father and son duo of Lloyd and Gary proved to be successful enough as they were able to buy a piece of land that would become the site where the Presley’s theater is now. The birth of the Presley’s theater also became the birth of Highway 76 as Branson’s main entertainment area. From then on, other theaters have begun popping up in the area. The Highway 76 strip has been home to Branson talents such as The Baldknobbers, The Haygoods, and Shoji Tabuchi.

The Presleys Country Jubilee is now known as the “Original Show on the Strip.” This show has also been getting a lot of features and accolades for their decades of service to the Branson entertainment scene. Four generations of Presleys are onstage to entertain their audiences. They perform a variety of music from country, gospel, and bluegrass music. Aside from good music, there are also comedy antics from Herkimer and Cecil. When you watch the show, watch out for the adorable young Presleys, as they, too, share their own talents at a very young age.

A show by the Presleys is a great reward for yourself and for the whole family, too. The laughter and the smiles that you will have after watching the show is truly priceless. When you plan for your vacation in Branson, make sure that you make the Presley’s Country Jubilee a must-watch. The Presleys hold their shows from March to December. Make sure you have your tickets as early as you can to have the best chance of seeing them perform. For tickets, visit www.presleys.com or you may call the theater box office at 417-334-4874.

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