Celebrate Southern Gospel Picnic in Branson MO

Branson is also one place notable for its celebration of its own festivals. Not only has it been dubbed as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, it is also the ultimate vacation destination in the Midwest. Filled with lots of activities and attractions that are fit for people of all ages, Branson is sure to lift you off of your feet and transport you into a new world of fun, music, and adventure.

One pride of Branson is its premier theme park, Silver Dollar City. It has been the home of Branson’s world-class rides and attractions. In fact, Silver Dollar City has also the best theme park food in America. There is always something fun going on in Silver Dollar City. And for this time of the year, Silver Dollar City will be hosting the Southern Gospel Picnic. This festival is a must for all the fans of the southern music genre.

The Southern Gospel Picnic will be held in Silver Dollar city. Get ready to be treated to good food and outstanding performances by award winning Southern Gospel artists. The Southern Gospel genre has been a part of Ozarks country heritage and tradition. Bluegrass pickin’ parties, small town church worship services, and backyard family reunions have all been part of what transpired to be Southern Gospel’s legacy to Branson music. If you aren’t a fan of this music genre yet, you can still go to the Southern Gospel Picnic and you might discover a music genre that you might like. See the performances by The Perrys, 2012 Dove Award Southern Gospel Song of the Year winners; Guy Penrod, a legend in the Southern Gospel music genre; The Isaacs, triple Dove Award winners and Grammy nominees; The Booth Brothers, the seven time winners of the 2012 Singing News Fan Awards, and a whole lot more. The concerts of these artists will be held all over the city of Branson. The performances to be held in the Red Gold Heritage Hall and Echo Hollow will be hosted by Duane Green, a veteran in hosting Southern Gospel events. There is no doubt that you will like this experience very much, so there are also CDs that you can buy for you to listen to the comforts of your own home anytime.

Southern food is also featured in the Southern Gospel Picnic. You will find the beauty of the combination of Southern Gospel and southern food. One of the restaurants that you can visit are The House of Chicken and Fixin’s. Explore more restaurants on your own to find which best satiates your cravings.

For tickets to the Southern Gospel Picnic in Silver Dollar City, you can opt to buy a day pass or a season pass. A day pass is ideal if you are visiting the festival for only one day, whereas if you will be staying for a couple of weeks to a month to make the most out of this festival, then a season pass will definitely be your choice. Southern Gospel Picnic tickets also offer discounts for large groups.

Book your trip to Branson now. It is never too late to be planning a grand time in the Southern Gospel Picnic in Silver Dollar City.

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