Catch Titanic Museum’s Tribute to Musicians

titanic-tribute-to-musiciansBranson is not only known for its excellent live musical shows and theater plays; it is also made even more special with the museums it has. The museums in Branson are said to be the most unique in their own ways – certainly not your ordinary museum. But what if Branson has an event that will fuse perfectly its music and its great museums? That is definitely worth watching!

Branson’s Titanic Museums is one of the most visited museums in Branson. It also has a very unique façade that you can’t really miss. The Titanic Museum is not one of your shoebox-type of buildings; it is what it is – the Titanic itself. The museum is a replica of the actual Titanic and offers the guests lots of adventures. Upon entering the museum, you are given a boarding pass with a name of a real passenger of the Titanic. You get to explore the ship and all of the artifacts on display. Remember the grand staircase from the movie Titanic? You can have your very own Jack and Rose moment on board the Titanic, too! You can also touch a real iceberg and hear the stories of actual survivors of the Titanic.

To add to your delight, the Branson Titanic Museum has a themed exhibit for you. The exhibit goes all year round, starting January 1 and ends at December 31. For this year 2014, the theme of the exhibit is Tribute to the Musicians. This exhibit is in honor of the 8 musicians on board the Titanic, who continued to play on even when the ship was already sinking. These musicians helped ease the sorrow and the darkness of that uneventful night. Get to know more about these musicians and their own stories. You can see that these 8 musicians were the epitome of self-service, duty, and courage as they never stopped playing even when their own lives were already in peril. Such inspirational stories of courage will be yours if you go through this exhibit. This exhibit will also be a great addition to the many attractions inside the Titanic Museum in Branson.

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