Catch Branson’s National Harvest Festival

sdc_nationalharvestThe Branson National Harvest Festival is a much awaited festival in Silver Dollar City. And the moment one utters this, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is the numerous craftsmen from across the country that unite in this one big event to exhibit their craft and talent and also the various musical performances that showcase the history of the nation. It is a Branson festival which truly attracts all kinds of people not just from the US but also from all over the world. The Branson National Harvest Festival draws endless number of visitors who want to make and carry fond memories of the place with their families.

Having recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, the US congress commemorated this day by giving the 1880s theme another name, which is ‘The Home of American Craftsmanship.’ And as the name says, Silver Dollar City with its Branson National Harvest Festival has definitely created the perfect place for all the craftsmen in the country. Because of this, the festival just keeps on attracting both American and foreign visitors to witness first-hand the wide array of music and crafts.

Not less than 500 craftsmen and musicians from different places of origin go to Silver Dollar City to unite with all the other craftsmen of the city and come up with incredible works of craftsmanship. The various handicrafts in the Branson National Harvest Festival comprise different American traditions such as wood sculpting, engraving, stained glass making, natural wool-dyeing, birdhouse making (from barn and wood), and woven fabric making. The very famous ‘do-it-yourself’ is also present during this festival with masterpiece wreaths, Christmas trees and ornate living room center tables on the list. These are what visitors of Silver Dollar City witness every time they celebrate the festival. With all of the displayed talent during this time of the year, the aura that fills the entire city can’t be explained by words alone. It has to be felt to be believed. You just have to be there to see the varieties and traditional styles of craftsmanship that lure people from all corners of the globe!

Besides craftsmanship, music is also part of the theme of this festival. The various musical programs and liver performances exhibit the history of the nation and become one of the big attractions of this festival. The Branson National Harvest Festival has been loved by both famous and rising artists from all over the globe. They have been coming to Silver Dollar City every year to perform and show their talent to all the visitors of the city. The experience that comes with celebrating this festival can’t be replaced by just any other elsewhere.

When you think of a festival with crafts and music, food has to be in it also. For that, foods of all kinds are sure to take part in this event. The Branson National Harvest Festival provides an opportunity to be able to taste food, both traditional and contemporary. There are also unimaginable varieties of food and not to mention the great number of desserts available during this event. Don’t miss a big chunk of your life; visit this one-of-a-kind Branson National Harvest Festival! It is a treat in itself and a sight to behold!

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