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Summer is the hottest time of the year and the heat can sometimes be unbearable. Thus, when temperatures rise, it calls for some fun and exciting water activity. And not just that because summer is also a great time of the year to visit Branson, Missouri, the entertainment capital of the Midwest. And what is water fun plus Branson? The Branson White Water, of course!

Beat the heat at the White Water Branson, which is part of the Silver Dollar City family of attractions and is one of the most fun and exciting Branson area attractions. The water theme park has a whopping 13-acre area with more than two million gallons of crystal clear water! That’s a whole lot of water fun for you and your family! When you’re in Branson, Missouri during the summer, be sure to visit the White Water Branson and try out the ten fun water rides it has. Here are short details of the water rides so that you’d know which one to try first!

Aloha River at Hula Hula Bay

Aloha River at Hula Hula Bay is White Water’s longest ride that is more than 800 feet and has 300,000 gallons of water. It has a South Pacific theme that makes you feel like you’re being taking to the lush Polynesian Jungles with calm water that carry you through the wild island escape. But there’s a twist as there are unexpected turns, fountains, misters, bubblers, geysers, a 30-foot tall tiki water tower, and so much more!

Bermuda Triangle

Have you hear of the Bermuda Triangle? White Water also has a Bermuda Triangle and you would definitely want to get lost in it! It is a water ride that features a fast-paced, fully-enclosed daring chase to the water. Feel the thrill as you plunge into the water at the end of the ride!

Coconut Cove

The little ones can have fun, too! The Coconut Cove is a kid-friendly play structure just for their size. It has multi-lane slides, interactive sprays, and shooting nozzles situated in a pool of water, which is only shallow for their safety.

Kalani Towers

Kalani Towers is a 7.5-story, 6-lane, multi-level slide, which is the wildest ride ever that White Water has to offer! Experience free-falling 75 feet down the 300-foot long drop slides as your body surf at speeds over 40 miles per hour! You can even race your family and friends on the 4-lane multi-drop mat racing slides and earn the speed-demon status. This water ride will give you a spine-tingling, heart-pounding, bone-chilling, wet and wild sensation of your life! You shouldn’t miss this!

Ohana Falls

For a ride for bigger groups, you can enjoy the Ohana Falls. You can ride together in a raft and have an adventure as you are careened around the corners, experience dips and drops, and twists and turns in this water-filled journey to the bottom of the ride!

Pipeline Plunge

Have you ever seen a pipeline? White Water has a different kind, which lets you ride it. It is a fast and furious slide that is full of twists and turns as you race to the finish! And at the end of the ride, there is a pool and a splash-landing will determine the winner of the race.

Raging River Rapids

Raging River Rapids is a family favourite water ride in White Water, located at the heart of the water theme park surrounded by deck space and cascading waterfalls. It is a slide that doubles the speed which lets you race to the water between 200-foot slides that plunge into the pool of water at the finish. Doubling the speed also doubles the fun!

Splashaway Cay

The Splashaway Cay is a 20,000 square foot island adventure that features various water slides, different aqua-shooters, exciting splash geysers, elevated walkways, and a 150-foot long escape slide. This exciting water attraction offers you and your family great fun!

Surfs Up Wave Pool

The water theme park will not be complete without a wave pool! The Surfs Up Wave Pool is a gargantuan pool that holds 500,000 gallons of water for the whole family to float, swim, and play in! And when the bell rings, 4-foot waves erupt and sends everyone scrambling to tube or body surf the breakers!

Bring the whole family with you to Branson, Missouri and beat the heat together in White Water Branson. And after having so much water fun, you would want to have that much needed rest. Make Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort your home away from home and choose from our three most famous Branson Lodging: Branson Condo, Branson Cabin, or a Branson Lakefront Condo. Thousand Hills has something that will suit your lifestyle and taste. For more information or for reservations, dial 1-877-262-0430.

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