Branson Vacations Just Got a Little Wilder!

outlaw-runLast week Silver Dollar City, the most popular Branson vacation destination, had a major announcement on a ten million dollar project that’s been under construction this year. And if you’ve been to Silver Dollar City lately, you’ll know that it’s getting hard to hide!

In 2013, Silver Dollar City will be bringing Outlaw Run to life. This ten million dollar wooden roller coaster will be another record breaking affair for the park. In addition to being the most impressive wooden roller coaster in the park, it is also a world record breaking coaster in a number of ways.

  • Steepest Wooden Roller Coaster Drop in the world – An 81 degree drop will be awaiting riders on Outlaw Run, this sixteen story drop was made possible thanks to the coaster’s design that incorporated the hilly terrain of the Ozarks into the ride itself. Go up a ten story tower, drop down sixteen stories! This great drop and height will allow the coaster to max out at 68 miles per hour. Even at these speeds a loop of the quarter mile track will stick take nearly 90 seconds.
  • 720 Degree Double Barrel Roll – If you’re not familiar with a barrell roll, it is exactly what it sounds–a complete corkscrew like riding the inside of a barrel. Twice! And this is the only wooden roller coaster in the world to feature an upside down twist like this.

The ride’s theme will continue to fit in with the park’s 1880’s theme, by featuring a stage coach ride gone very wild! In addition to matching the theme of the park, construction on the coaster has done it’s best to not harm the natural beauty of the park either. For every tree that was cut down in the construction of this coaster, two were planted.

The Outlaw Run is scheduled to be open in time for the spring season of 2013. But if you can’t wait to get your first glimpse of the coaster, you can see the construction underway at the park today. Because the coaster twists around and above the Frisco Line railway, you can take a ride on the train and see the construction up close and personal. (Just watch out for train robbers!)

The park will be hopping with an expected 65,000 additional visitors thanks to the newest roller coaster in the Midwest. Start making your plans now to visit Silver Dollar City and Outlaw Run!

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