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branson-vacation-silver-dollar-city-worldfestWinter might still be hanging on, but it’s never too early to start planning your Branson vacation. Towards that end here’s a profile of one of the festivals you won’t want to miss: Worldfest at Silver Dollar City. Visiting the world without leaving the country is easy when you attend Silver Dollar City’s annual Worldfest in Branson, Missouri. At the World Fest, people can experience the many cultures, foods and entertainment from around the world. Branson’s World Fest, the largest international festival held in the United States, is the first of many festivals held in Silver Dollar City from early April to early May.

Nowhere else can a Branson vacationer see acrobats from Kenya and China, Irish step dancers, Italian flag throwers and steel drummers from Trinidad all in the same place. At Silver Dollar City’s Worldfest, you get all this and much more. Every year from April to May, entertainers and craftspeople from all over the world come to Branson for the biggest and most renowned international festival in the country.

As usual, Silver Dollar City continues to offer thrill rides, entertainment and food year round in a 1880 mountain town setting. But during the WorldFest this venue becomes an international-themed stage. Each day during WorldFest vacationers can find performances featuring diverse music, dance and other arts from all around the world. There is also a vast array of foods from all over the globe for one to sample. Craftspeople from countries all around the world are present at the world fest demonstrating their unique talents; and every day during the festival, all of the participating nations take part in a Worldfest parade.

Everyone in your family will have so much fun at Branson’s world fest in Silver Dollar City they probably won’t even notice how much learning they’ve done along the way! If you’re looking for an exciting and fun  Branson vacation, you can’t go wrong with Silver Dollar City, during WorldFest.

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