Branson Vacation Plan – 4 Perfect Days

1-bedroom-branson-cabin-jacuzziHave you entered our Summer Giveaway yet? If not, like us on Facebook and enter to win 2 nights free in Branson! Until you win, here’s a sample itinerary to help you plan your next Branson vacation!

11:00am You arrive in at the Branson Airport, on time and only 20 minutes from Thousand Hills Golf Resort in the heart of Branson, MO. The sounds of your children clamoring excitedly as you passed over Branson and Table Rock Lake still resonating in your ears. Your spouse’s warm assuring smile reminds you why you’re here and the glorious long weekend ahead. And you smile to yourself knowing your kids will cherish the time with you.

At 11:30 you make a detour to State Park Marina – and only now do you share the secret with the family! You’re spending the afternoon on Table Rock Lake and have reserved a big tri-troon with a slide and upper deck for the afternoon.

12:00 you are pulling out of the cove, gassed, and lunch from Danna’s BBQ (best bbq in town) ready to enjoy a great afternoon, after a quick wave to the folks on the Showboat Branson Belle, you are off. A picnic lunch on the boat and then a dip and your enjoying the clear waters of Table Rock.

4:00 you come off the lake grab a shaved ice from the marina and drive to Thousand Hills Golf Resort for check-in and a quick cat nap but no rest for the weary. The kids want to try dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack at the Branson Landing, but not before stopping by the concierge desk at Thousand Hills Clubhouse to pick up some Silver Dollar City tickets for the next morning. Oh, you don’t really mind because the pancakes at Billye Gayle’s are on call for breakfast.

9:00 Wow. And that’s day 1. Dreaming of Day 2 and your heart hasn’t even stopped thumping!

6:00am Open curtains. Golf. A quick 9-holes before the kids wake up. Still Thousand Hills. Pat yourself on the back. A great day is ahead, and this condo location makes you want to come back. Courtesy of the cool new Platinum Experience program at Thousand Hills Golf Resort. What a deal!

9:30 Drop the kids at Geyser Gulch. And now you and your wife can spend some alone time strolling thru the 60 Unique & Inspirational Shops within the city.

10:30 And now the dividend. You see the biggest smile ever on your sons face. Wet, wild, and a big day ahead. And only Day 2. Man, SDC is dependable. Check out the video on beforehand. You can almost taste it!

12:30 Still lots of the park to see, but lunch beckons. The kids are in good hands on the City’s Square at Wagon Works Grill enjoying their own lunch. Going to try the grilled turkey leg, have an epic appetite!

1:45 Ready for some world class entertainment. It’s Kidsfest at the city and it all begins with spectacular shows designed with your family in mind. From breathtaking feats of skill and courage to lighthearted laughter, National KidsFest entertainment is not to be missed! First off its Discovery Channel superstar and Guinness World-Record high-wire walker, Nik Wallenda returns with The Fabulous Wallenda Family Circus! then • SpongeBob & Patrick, Dexter & DeeDee, Tom & Jerry, George Jetson & Astro, Backyardigans, Fred, Barney & Dino, Scooby Doo & Shaggy, Yogi Bear & Boo Boo, and Dora & Diego, there all here and can’t wait to meant your kids.

5:00 Just enough energy left for a cool down in what started Branson “Marvel Cave” a constant 60 degrees and a great end to this day.

7:00 because the condo you booked has a full kitchen you give the wife a night off and prepare dinner.

7:30am Open curtains. Thousand Hills. Close curtains, open again. Still Thousand Hills. Yikes. Feeling the quads a little. Stop by the workout room its free and much needed.

8:15 the kids loved their day yesterday, and are already talking about how great is to have you with them. Think we’re going to stay inside today. Open your Platinum Experience booklet and check out all the savings. Call the concierge

8:30 Done. That was easy. The children are ecstatic. The Titanic?, the Ralph foster museum at School of the Ozarks, Ripleys Believe It or Not, Hollywood Wax Museum and some indoor mini golf. Stop by the clubhouse to pick up your tickets and here you go again.

12:30 lunch, in keeping with tradition, Dobyn’s at School of the Ozarks serves only the finest, freshest ingredients available, many of which are grown locally. Our tomatoes, green beans, and some other vegetables are grown in campus gardens in season, by students. And it’s awesome.

3:30 Now the wife and I both need the masseuse. What a day. Where’s that Spa number when we need it! The only number you need is the concierge as she arranges an inroom massage for us both all while the kids catch up with the antics of Tom and Jerry on the big 47” plasma in the condo of course, it is Thousand Hills remember. Twist our arms!

6:00 So it’s our last night. And it’s a beautiful night. And we are headed to Sight and Sound theatres for Joseph the kids love it, and so are we. But it’s back to the real world tomorrow. Wow. Stylish, but friendly enough for the kids. Life is getting pretty good right now.

7:30am Open curtains. Thousand Hills. Close curtains, open again. Still Thousand Hills. Pretend we’re not flying back this afternoon! Hmmmm. Not working. Maybe get on the lap top and take a look at Thousand Hills Golf Resort Reservations for weekend last minute deals next month! Good idea. Getting here is less expensive and easier than we thought!

8:15 Half day at White Water for the kids, remember that free ticket you got with the Platinum Experience booklet.

8:30 Note to self. Treat aching thighs and rest of body to the best Breakfast in Branson at McFarlains and you get one free with your Platinum Experience booklet . Mmmmm. That worked. Should have been a doctor!

9:30 Alas, the sun has subsided but at White Water is sunny every day. Best of both worlds if you ask us! Lazy river here we come!

1:30 Collect the children, mind you, unwillingly. Late check out. luggage safely stored by the hotel, Yellow Cab dutifully waiting, and we, begrudgingly head back on the too short ride to Branson Airport. We remind ourselves that the kids once again are the reason, and that we’ll be home in time for dinner.

Life can be really good if you make it so.

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