A Branson Tour Aboard the Branson Scenic Railway

Branson Missouri has become one of the main vacation destinations in the Midwest. Aside from the live music shows and theme parks which made the place famous, there are also the many added attractions in the area. It is really fitting to have a tour of Branson Missouri so you get to see the entire city and the surrounding wonders of nature in Branson.

Branson offers its tourists fun ways to tour the entire city. One such tour that you should try when in Branson is the Branson Scenic Railway. This is not your ordinary tour because the Branson Scenic Railway will truly give you something to remember. Back in 1902, it was said that the city of Branson began to see major developments since the railroad was finished. The city of Branson then became more accessible to tourists, and the tourism also began to flourish. The Branson Scenic Railway began having daily train excursions since 1993, using a commercial railroad line. The routes of the train go either north or south, to be determined just before the train leaves the station. If you chance upon the northern route, it will take you as far as Ganela, Missouri in the James River Valley. The southern route, on the other hand, goes to Arkansas. As you go through your tour, you will see traces of communities that existed many years ago, and trestles and tunnels in the southwest Missouri.

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Today, the Branson Scenic Railway treats the passengers to a full 40 mile roundtrip in the Ozark Mountains for 3 to 4 times daily. You can see locations that are inaccessible by car, boat, and other modes of transportation. Each trip in the train takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes, and the trip also has a train conductor aboard to give the passengers a quick lesson on the history of the Ozarks. The train itself is also comfortable enough to give you a first-class experience in your tour of the Ozarks. The Branson Scenic Railway is available for tours from March to December. During April to October, the Scenic Railway also offers a dinner train on Saturdays, which requires reservations. Each ticket to the dinner train is $56 for all ages. For the regular excursions, the tickets are $26 for those of 13 years and above, and $15.50 for children ages 3 to 12. Trips of Branson Scenic Railway depart from the historic depot in downtown Branson at 206 East Main Street across Branson Landing. Reserve your tickets now by calling 1-800-2-TRAIN-2 (287-2462). You can also go to www.bransontrain.com for tickets.

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