Branson Titanic Museum’s Newest Additions

titanic-museum-bransonThe Branson Titanic Museum is a museum that is dedicated to the RMS Titanic. It is established to house different artifacts from the actual Titanic under the Atlantic Ocean. Besides that, it also captures the details of the tragic event that sank the great ship through history of the things that are related to the ship. So, this holiday season, include the Branson Titanic Museum in your holiday itinerary in Branson, Missouri. Discover more than what the ship was as you go through the big museum.

If you come looking for the Branson Titanic Museum, you won’t get lost as its building is a half-scale replica of the actual RMS Titanic! Once you are inside, you will witness over 20 galleries telling the different stories about the Titanic. There are over 400 artifacts collected and gathered from the sunken ship for guests and visitors to see! You will learn lots about the ship from its first construction to its rediscovery at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. See the replica of the staircase of the ship that was featured prominently in the Titanic movie. Guests of all ages will have fun here!

This year, the Branson Titanic Museum adds two new things to see. When you visit Branson this holiday season, be sure to drop by this great museum! Here are the two additions in the Branson Titanic:

The Children of Titanic

The Branson Titanic introduces the littlest heroes, the Children of Titanic! There will be new stories dedicated exclusively to the children who boarded the great ship over 100 years ago. You will learn the history of the Titanic through the eyes of children as each one of them has their own story to tell! Be prepared to have you hearts melted by the endearing stories of the little ones!

Titanic Fantasy Princess

According to legend, the Ozark Mountains has blithe spirits and woodland fairies living in the area. Even if the spirits could not be seen, they could be felt in the mountains. And this holiday season, the Branson Titanic Museum will bring these spirits into life through a mythical Fantasy Princess. She will bring magic into the museum and the enchanting forest of the Ozark Mountains will be seen through her as she brings joy and entertainment to all the guests and visitors of the museum. Starting November 28 and every Wednesday through December 29, behold the magic that goes on in the Branson Titanic Museum!

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