Branson Titanic Museum: One of Branson’s Bests

titanic-museum-bransonHave you watched the movie Titanic already? If you have, then you must have been amazed by the beauty of the enormous passenger ship, mesmerized by the luxurious features of the things found inside, saddened by the tragic event that lead to a total destruction, and cried over and over again about the lives that were taken when it sank. But if you have not seen the movie yet, go on a vacation in Branson, Missouri and discover the wonders of the Titanic through the Branson Titanic Museum.

The history of the Titanic, also known as RMS Titanic, was first studied by the Titanic Historical Society, Inc. (THS) in 1963. It is far by the world’s largest global organization dedicated to the preservation of the Titanic and its dedication has led to many discoveries about the sunken passenger line. The Branson Titanic Museum, on the other hand, is working with THS. The museum was established to share facts and stories about the Titanic. The museum ensures that you will have the best experience during your Branson Vacation.

The Branson Titanic Museum is enclosed in a unique building. Visitors that will see this building will immediately recognize that it is the Branson Titanic Museum because it is shaped like a two-story tall replica of the ship itself but only on a half scale measurement. The details of the building were carefully constructed to include lifeboats, portholes, thick ropes, and so much more. Because of this, the museum has been one of the most photographed buildings in Missouri, especially in Branson.

But the amazing features of the museum do not stop on the shape of the building. Once inside, you will see more than 20 galleries telling the different stories about the Titanic. These galleries include over 400 artifacts from the sunken ship! You will be able to learn not just about the tragic event that sank the ship, but also its first construction, sailing, sinking, and rediscovery at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can even see the replica of the staircase of the ship that was featured prominently in the Titanic movie. The museum does not choose people at a specific age; visitors of all ages will definitely have fun here.

What’s new at the Branson Titanic Museum! This 2013, the Branson Titanic Museum included exhibits that feature stories as told by the youngest and littlest passengers of the Titanic called Titanic’s Littlest Heroes. Visitors can see and learn more about the Titanic through the eyes of the youngest passengers as they share their story from the moment they boarded the ship.

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