Branson Spring Break Ideas

lakeshore-trail-sara-karnesTable Rock LakeA typical Branson vacation consists of lots of shows, shopping, and maybe taking in a theme park or two. But, for spring break this year why not try to go on a little bit of a different Branson adventure? There are many other attractions to take in while staying in Branson, and some really special ones to explore are Table Rock Lake, Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, and the Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure.

Table Rock Lake offers amazing views for a relaxing lake day for the whole family. If swimming, fishing, and boating are some of your interests then you will love Table Rock Lake. If you and your family like to hike, the Table Rock Lakeshore Trail is a great mini adventure to embark on. The trail starts at the Dewey Short Visitors center and ends at the State Park Marina with 2.25 miles of beautiful scenery and calming nature. You can walk or bike then trail, and it is even wheelchair accessible. Besides the trail and scenery, the Dewey Short Visitor Center has been newly remodeled as is free to visitors. The Visitor Center takes you through a breakdown of the animals and plants native of the Table Rock Dam as well as showing what the inside of the Dam looks like and the advantages of hydro-electric power. If the pictures of the inside of the Dam intrigues you, then taking a tour of Table Rock Dam itself will be even more fun. Children under six cannot enter the Dam, and you must have an I.D. if you are over 16. The times and rates fluctuate during the year, but be sure that the inside of the Dam is a tour you will not soon forget.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

While you may have been into a Ripley’s before, Branson’s Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium will leave you with a completely different experience. With over 400 different exhibits, there is sure to be something to entertain everyone in your family. Some of the more popular attractions are a shrunken head, a 30 foot Cadillac Stretch Limousine, a two-headed calf, a playing car replica of the Roman Colosseum, and a model of the U.S.S Forrestal aircraft carrier made out of 48,000 matchsticks. Ripley’s will give your family a little break from the country music and allow you to get lost in some of the world’s weirdest finds.

The Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure

What better adventure than a walk through thousands of butterfly’s during your spring break? At the Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure, you and the whole family can take a stroll through the exotic butterfly aviary filled with imported butterflies, a Mata Mata turtle, exotic birds, and exotic plants. Don’t enter if you’re afraid of butterflies, because these beautiful specimens will flutter around you, and if you’re lucky, land on you. Besides the aviary, the Butterfly Palace has a living Rainforest Science Center great for kids hungry to learn more about the animals and environment of a rainforest. Also, a Rainforest Theater provides a journey into the rainforest and through the typical day of a tropical butterfly. The Emerald Forest Mirror maze tests your family’s navigational skills, and the Coconut Tree Climb allows you to get a little more physical with two different coconut tree climbs.

There are so many adventures ready and waiting to be explored in Branson, make sure your family doesn’t miss any one of them!

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