Branson Shows 2011 – Where Celebrities Bring Music To Life

Branson Shows 2011 – Where Celebrities Bring Music To Life

The biggest celebrity in Branson Missouri is Andy Williams. Andy has one of the most popular branson shows in 2011, and has owned his own theatre, Moon River Theatre, in Branson since 1992 and has been known as the driving force behind the explosive growth of the area since the 90’s and the main reason Branson has become the vacation destination it is today.

If you’re not already an Andy Williams fan yourself, then you won’t have to look far to find one. Andy Williams is a world famous singer and songwriter and even had his own TV variety show from 1962 to 1971. It was on that show that Andy performed with such notable acts as Michael Jackson, Elton John, Bing Crosby, and fellow Branson celebrities The Osmond brothers – but more on them later.

Andy invested in local real estate and even had a big hand in the development of the privately owned Branson Airport that recently opened. The Moon River Theatre was even featured on the family movie “Gordy” and draws over 2 million guests every year. The biggest time of the year for Andy Williams is his annual Christmas show that normally lasts a little over a month with twice daily shows and in recent years has featured guests to help Andy through the jam-packed schedule.

One of these frequent guests were the Osmond brothers who have performed on and off in Branson for the last twenty years. The youngest brother, Jimmie, purchased a theatre in Branson the same year as Andy Williams in 1992. They called the theatre the “Osmond Family Theatre” and performed there as a group for many years. They’ve recently begun returning to Branson’s 2011 show lineup to the delight of visitors.

These world renowned celebrities are just 2 of the reasons 8 milliion people come back to the Live Music Capitol of the World, Branson, Missouri year after year.

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