Branson Scenic Railway, a Perfect Escape this Spring Season in Branson

Branson Dinner TrainIf you are searching for a perfect escape this spring season, visit the Branson Scenic Railway where you can experience the most special train ride of your life. Branson Scenic Railway ride will give you the most unforgettable moment as you experience the excitement of train travel. Travelling in the railway is the perfect romantic getaway for couples who want to escape from the busy and crowded city streets.

The Branson Scenic Railway travels along the majestic and panoramic views of the Ozark Mountain that will let you enjoy the refreshing atmosphere that you don’t feel in the city you left behind. The service of Branson Scenic Railway started right after the construction of the White River Railway that began in 1902 and completed in 1905. The construction of the railway through the rugged terrain in the wooded valleys of the Ozark Mountains has used 239 miles of track that cost $12 million.

When Rueben S. Branson moved as early as 1882 to the White River (now named Lake Taneycomo) and Roark Creek, Branson was named in honor of him. Before the start of the construction of the railway, several treaties were erected to support gorges and tunnels blasted through mountain rocks. The city immediately flourished after the completion of the railroad in 1902 and the area became accessible to people wanted to experience a train travel.

The train excursions of the Branson Scenic Railway started in 1993 and became a daily tour and used commercial railroad line for its travelling tourists. The route of the train is determined before every departure with the routes that go either south or north. The northern route takes you as far as Galena, Missouri and the southern route goes as far as Arkansas. The narrator tells the story of the area while the train travels. He points out the communities as the train passes and describes the construction history of the railroad. As the train travels through the southwest Missouri, original treaties and tunnels can still be seen.

The train tour takes the passengers 3 to 4 times daily to the Ozark Mountains on a 40 mile round trip, travelling mountainous spots inaccessible to cars. It takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the train excursion tour. While onboard the Branson Scenic Railway, you can have a complete relaxation as the train takes you all along the railroad travel. As you enjoy a special moment on board in a first class dining car, you will be served with hot cocoa along with delicious baked cookies and a gift of special souvenir mug.

As the train excursion tour heads across the downtown area, you will have the opportunity to view many city exciting attractions such as live entertainment spots, several theaters, outlet malls, and specialty shops right at the heart of Branson.

So, if you want to experience a train adventure tour with full of excitement and unforgettable moments inside the Branson Scenic Railway, come to Branson and stay at Thousand Hills Hotel & Resort.

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