Branson Popular Tourist Spot: The Inspiration Tower

Branson is known for being the Live Music Capital of the World. It is also known to have the best nature parks and amusement parks in America, which is why it has been the prime vacation destination for so many people. Branson may be perceived as a city of fun and excitement, but everyone should know that within the city of Branson lies the Shepherd of the Hills Inspiration Tower.

The Inspiration Tower in Branson is one of the places where you can have your quiet time to yourself to easily de-stress and forget all your worries. This tower also enables you to see whole of Branson. Get ready to be inspired in this tower which is actually the second highest point in Missouri. If you come on a clear day in Branson’s Inspiration Tower, you can even see across the state line of Arkansas!

This 230-foot Inspiration Tower in Branson is of the perfect height for you to see every location in Branson. The view in the tower itself is breathtaking. The tower can also be seen from any location in Branson. Whether you are going shopping or enjoying a day at the famous TriLakes area in Branson, you can still see the top of the tower.

The Inspiration Tower of Shepherd of the Hills, was built in the year 1989 to commemorate the historic 100th visit of Harold Bell Wright, who is the author of the book “The Shepherd of the Hills”. Wright first visited the 160 acre homestead in which the tower, and Shepherd of the Hills, stand today. It was first called as the Inspiration Point, which is Harold Bell Wright’s very first campsite on the homestead. The visitors of the Inspiration Tower in Shepherd of the Hills in Branson can now see why Wright was inspired in this same exact spot. The view of the Ozarks never fails to leave one speechless.

It was costly to build this tower, costing roughly $1.5 million for its construction. It also contains over 92,000 pounds of structural steel. Its sturdy foundations contains rebar weighing 34.5 tons. Glass was also installed in the tower to add to its majestic effect. This tower was constructed to be safe to enough to weather winds of up to 224 miles per hour. For guests to climb up to the observation deck, two glass elevators are available for transport.

During the Christmas season in Branson, the tower is decorated and lit up with Christmas lights. It is made to look like a giant Christmas tree and serves as an eye candy to the visitors. There is also a gift shop at the ground level of the tower where the visitors can buy their souvenir items and snacks.

This tower has been inspiring people for over twenty years. Do not miss out on this chance and visit Shepherd of the Hills’ Inspiration Tower in Branson now.

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