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Thousand-Hills-Gold-HomesLooking for a Reason to purchase a second home in Branson, Missouri?

So you have decided now is the time to purchase a second home and are wondering where would be a perfect getaway for the whole family. Branson should be at the top on the list when considering a second home. What all started back in 1907 with Harold Bell Wright’s book “The Shepherd of the Hills” Branson has become known as the live country and music capital of the world; but that’s just the tip of the iceberg (and I don’t mean the Titanic, but that’s here also!).

There are many reasons why Branson is a great place from the great climate, 4 pristine lakes, and the abundance of shopping and with eight million visitors a year Branson homes continue as a great investment. In 1999, more than $150 million dollars have been invested in the development of more than 50 new and reconstructed roads allowing visitors to travel from show to attraction and malls to restaurants in a fraction of the time it would taken along Highway 76 in the early 90’s. Branson, Missouri, is ranked as the 18th most visited overnight leisure destination in the country. Branson now has its own airport which opened in 2009. The Airport is the first privately financed and operated commercial airport in the United States.

After you have made the decision on Branson, now its time to look at just where in Branson you would like your vacation home. Thousand Hills is like a village within the city of Branson. Located in what is known as “center city” or “the entertainment district” many love the location. What started in 1990 with the Silver Dollar City partners purchasing 330 acres is now a thriving district with restaurants, mini-golf, shopping centers, banks and many activities for every age group. Thousand Hills Golf Course is the gem in the middle of Thousand Hills consisting of 106 acres this golf course is the most popular. Did you know that 120,000 yards of rocks where moved and the owner purchased $720,000.00 worth of topsoil. Andy Williams hit the first golf ball in 1995 opening play to one of the most picturesque course you will ever play.

Our Developers Mark and Dan Ruda are from a  farming family from western Kansas and have brought their expertise to the hills of the Ozarks and built mountains.

Thousand Hills Golf Resort offers a second home to fit anyone’s needs, wither a small 1000 square foot one bedroom is all you need all the way up to a 5 bedroom cabin, on the golf course, at the lake or in the woods we have it all.

While you’re not here you can even have your vacation home make money and pay its way. Want to find out more? Call Doug at 417-243-2210 to get more Branson homes info today.

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