Branson Family Vacations – Fun For All Ages

hollywoodwaxLooking for a place to take your whole family for a fun vacation? Look no further than Branson, where every person, no matter their age, will have the best time. From 1st graders to senior citizens, everyone in your family will enjoy these activities in Branson.

Explore Interactive Museums

A museum doesn’t have to be boring and stodgy. Full of history and interesting things, the museums in Branson will appeal to both older adults and younger children.

If you and your family love to watch movies, head to the Hollywood Wax Museum to “meet” loads of famous movie stars and characters. Sing with the beloved characters of the Wizard of Oz, shake hands with Brad and Angelina, and get involved in a shoot-out with cowboys from your favorite Westerns. No matter how old you are, you’ll find actors and characters from your time that you’ll take delight in seeing in the waxy flesh at the museum.

Another fun museum that will appeal to everyone is the World’s Largest Toy Museum. It’s filled to the brim with every toy that you can imagine. Children will find their current favorites, while older adults will be able to reminisce about the toys they played with years ago.

Play a Competitive Game of Mini-Golf

Everyone likes a good game and anyone, young or old, can win at mini-golf. There are several great mini-golf courses to try during one of your Branson family vacations. Play a round or two and then go out for ice cream afterwards.

The Greatest Adventures Minigolf has 36 holes, all creatively designed for maximum fun. This spot also includes a gift shop and a snack bar. Another place to check out is the Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf & Games. Jump on a pirate ship with your family and seek out the buried treasure with your golf stick and colorful golf ball!

Entertain Everyone at Silver Dollar City

Since the 1960s, people have been flocking to Silver Dollar City as a part of their Branson family vacations. A great thing about Silver Dollar City is how it has something for everyone, from thrilling roller coaster rides to skilled demonstrations by craftsmen. There’s also 40 entertaining shows and 12 delicious restaurants to sample from. The younger people will love the rides and the excitement, while the older people will appreciate the history and local fare.

Go Boating on the Lake

For a fun-filled day outside with lots of water, rent a boat at Bull Shoals Lake. The water is warm, which makes it a perfect place for your family to take a dip in when the boat is anchored. Grab a pair of water skis for the teenagers and a tube for the younger kids and have lots of laughter as you drag them across the water. You could even bring along a couple of fishing rods for those who love to fish, since the lake is full of freshwater fish like Large Mouth Bass and Crappie. Or you can simply relax and soak in the sun on the boat while the kids swim in the water.

There’s so much more to do during Branson family vacations that aren’t mentioned here, such as the much-loved tour of Ride the Ducks (where you ride a vehicle that turns into a boat), spectacular shows that will appeal to all ages, and a wide variety of restaurants that cater to everyone’s tastes.

Take your Branson family vacations from good to great by staying in a cabin or condo, where everyone can retreat to their own spaces after spending a lot of quality family time together in the living room and the kitchen.

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