Brace Yourself and Have the Best Ride Ever of the Powder Keg Roller Coaster

PowderKegIf you want to treat the whole family for a wonderful summer vacation, come to Silver Dollar City in Branson and enjoy the thrill ride of the PowderKeg Roller Coaster. Built in 2004, PowderKeg Roller Coaster is the longest thrill ride in the park. This Roller Coaster is packed with amazing ride along with fantastic lakeside settings of the Table Rock Lake.

During the launching of the PowderKeg Roller Coaster, flames come out from the chimney at the exterior portion of the building and the barrels positioned outside the building burst out water. Meanwhile, a short audio track is played loudly with a man’s voice that says: “Hey, that area is restricted! You’re too close to that nitro! Do you smell smoke?” The coaster then moves forward from the shed of the nitro and the green lights go and flames would shoot out of the shed, then the coaster starts to move. In just 2.8 seconds, the coaster launches from 0 to 53 miles an hour and combines the gravitational forces and compressed air-launch with a speed of 64 miles an hour.

The coaster travels up and down the hills many times and run through many tight turns and then slowly moves up in a chain lift hill while bluegrass music is played. From the coaster will take a 90 degree turn before dropping down a steep of 110 feet. Coaster riders will then fly high through the trees over 3,500 feet of track for a truly exhilarating and breathtaking thrill ride experience. At the end of the roller coaster ride, in travels in a big helix that almost makes everyone in upside down position before it stops into the final brakes and back to the launching station.

PowderKeg Roller Coaster was designed that would raise every strand of hair of any thrill rider. With the height requirement of only 42 inches, young and old can have the opportunity to enjoy the thrilling roller coaster ride. The coaster has a unique restraint system that allows every rider a secured and safe ride. The adjustable lap bar across the hip allows every rider a comfortable sitting.

A ride with the PowderKeg Roller Coaster will let you experience a thrilling and exhilarating ride of your life. As you feel the excitement of the breathtaking view of the scenery, the lift hill chain can be heard as you come closer to the highest point, then plunge down with the pull of gravity and take the rest of the travel.

The exciting launch and the high speed of the PowderKeg Roller Coaster can really make the stomach of any thrill rider flip upside down. With the exciting and thrilling ride features of the Roller Coaster, it makes the Silver Dollar City a truly great thrill ride destination.

So, brace yourself and have the best thrilling ride ever of the PowderKeg Roller Coaster, visit the Silver Dollar City in Branson this summer season.

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