Be Amazed With The Incredible Acrobats of China

acrobats-of-chinaThere is no denying that Branson has the most incredible talents ever combined in one place. With the exceptional live music shows in Branson that has granted its title as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, Branson is really the dream vacation getaway for the music lovers. Not only that, as Branson also offers endless adventures for all the wanderlust with its nature parks, theme parks, museums, caves, and unique tours of the whole city. Branson is not anymore the backwoods town that many people had known before; it is now one of the most visited places in the Midwest!

One attraction that people can’t miss in Branson is the Incredible Acrobats of China. If you are looking for some indoor fun, if you are looking to stay away from under the sun, but you still want to have that Branson experience, then this shows might just be for you! The Incredible Acrobats of China is the perfect mix of culture, talents, uniqueness, and awe. Watch as the performers soar through the air, defy the laws of physics, and a lot more!

The shows of the Incredible Acrobats of China are performed in the New Shanghai Theater. This theater is located in Highway 165 in Missouri. The intense shows of the Incredible Acrobats of China features more than forty of the most talented acrobats in the Orient. You can see these performers go up in the air, performing stunts like you have never seen before. The death defying stunts of the performers will surely leave you in awe and wonder! Recently, the Incredible Acrobats of China shows in Branson have added a new attraction in the already amazing show – the Shanghai Circus. Also, there are new additions to their pool of acrobats every year which makes it an exclusive group of outstanding athletes and performers, too.

If you plan to watch a show by the Incredible Acrobats of China, make sure that you look out for the acts like Butterfly Lovers, Spinning Girls, Human Strength, Beauty, Diablo, Magic Clock, Jar Jugglers, Plates Spinning, and many others. You will also see some amazing stuff like lions, Chinese Paper Dragons, tumbling and bending acrobats, and jugglers to entertain people of all ages.

In the past year 2013, the first annual Shanghai Cultural Festival was hosted by the Acrobats of China. The festival was able to bring together all the best Chinese performers, from the opera groups, orchestras, and other fields of the arts. The second Shanghai Cultural Festival is being planned to happen on June 2014, as the first festival of that kind here in Branson was a huge success. This June 2014, there will also be a community building event to be hosted by the Acrobats of China, which will be called the Annual Reunion for Families with Adopted Chinese Children.

To purchase tickets for the shows of the Acrobats of China, contact the concierge at Thousand Hills Golf Resort. For more inquiries about the show and about Thousand Hills, just call 1-800-262-0430.

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