Autumn is in the Air of The Titanic Museum

Titanic-Museum-Grand-StaircaseIf you are looking for a wonderful place to spend a great vacation this autumn season, the Titanic Museum in Branson is the perfect tourist spot to experience onboard a cruise ship without the feeling of sea-sickness and ocean waves. The Titanic Museum is the exact replica of RMS Titanic that will give each visitor a unique educational experience and exciting natural adventure. Visitors to this historic Titanic will be able to see the exact appearance of the Grand Staircase and the hallway of the ship that gives each visitor an awesome feeling of how a fantastic and unique voyage of RMS Titanic have been.

All visitors who want to board The Titanic Museum will be issued a “boarding pass”. The pass also includes the information about the actual number of crewmembers and passengers. Once you are aboard the Titanic, you can start exploring the museum on your own. As you walk along the hallways, the Grand Staircase, the passenger cabins, and a lot of public rooms, you can feel how the passengers enjoyed the luxury of travel that time. The museum spent over one million dollars for the refurbishment of the Grand Staircase. This magnificent staircase was beautifully hand-crafted and built out from original blue prints of the Titanic. The Grand Staircase is where the first class passengers usually converge to meet up for shipboard social functions where the rich and the famous get together before dinner.

While you are onboard the Titanic Museum, you will learn how the first and lower class passengers were accommodated. You may wonder how many people slept in each cabin or how much was the cost to travel first class or lower class that time. You will learn the answers when you visit the museum. Every guest will be given an opportunity to visit the ship’s bridge and view old equipments like the telescope, compass, and the steering wheel. On this Titanic Museum tour, you will learn that the ship sunk 2 miles below the ocean bed. You can also take a virtual tour of the ship to allow you to see photos of the wreckage.

The Titanic Museum features a gallery that housed about 400 personal items from passengers. The museum is the only place that displayed these items for the first time ever. The entire collection of personal items from passengers has a value of over $4.5 million. On your visit to the museum, it will be more interesting if you get the opportunity to touch the 28 degree waters, an iceberg, and a coal in the boiler room of the ship. The Titanic Museum has added for fun an interesting Murder History in groups of guests. Each group must solve the mystery death of Officer William Garrett. Each guest assumes the name of passengers while they search the killer among them.

If you want to spend a wonderful vacation this autumn season, and experience to board a cruise ship without the waves and sea-sickness, visit the Titanic Museum in Branson.

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