Adventure At The Branson State Park Marina

When the Table Rock Lake Dam was completed in 1958 across the White River, the Table Rock Lakes began to fill. Originally, the dam was built for flood control purposes but what people didn’t know back then was that it will enable the creation of something so beautiful. And the lake is not just beautiful, but also useful because its main purpose is for electricity generation. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers controls Table Rock and thus, Table Rock Lake as well.

The Table Rock Lake has a whopping surface area of 52,300 acres with 857 miles of shoreline. This big lake has been one of the most visited Branson attractions in Missouri because of many water activities tourists can do in the area. Some of the water activities that you can enjoy at the Table Rock Lake State Marina are listed below.

Bass Fishing

The Table Rock Lake is a warm water lake that has been home to a great variety of Bass fishes, including White Bass, Large Mouth Bass, and Small Mouth Bass. Other fishes are present as well, such as the Channel Cat, Crappie both white and black, trout, and other pan fish like the Blue Gill. The Table Rock Lake State Park Marina has been providing fishermen with tournament fishes year-round, especially Bass, and has also been the host of most of these tournaments. Because of this, the lake has earned a reputation as being one of the best Bass lakes in America! Thus, the Bass Pro Shop headquarters is not far from the lake – about less than an hour from the lake only.


Bring your whole family to Table Rock Lake State Park Marina and enjoy the unique boating experience you can have in Branson. And if you do not want to operate a boat but still want to try it, there are 3 commercial boat cruises or rides operate on the lake. For the boaters that wish to enjoy the beauty of the waters, there are full-service marinas that operate on Table Rock Lake at various locations for their convenience. Enjoy the different boat rentals at the State Park Marina.


There are four new Yamaha WaveRunners in Table Rock Lake State Park Marina for the enjoyment of guests and tourists. These water vehicles will let you have that thrilling and exciting water skiing and they are available at different rental prices depending on the duration of usage. Have that adrenaline rush and try this fun water activity!

Scuba Diving

Even though most people think that the lakes in the Midwest of the U.S. are dark and murky, Table Rock Lake has proven to be different. Being one of the most pristine lakes in Branson, Missouri you will surely appreciate the beauty of the world underwater. State Park Marina Dive Shop has staff that can introduce you to the beautiful world that awaits you. Scuba Diving is easy to learn and it can lead to many more wonderful experiences. For the next summer, plan your trip and take advantage of the best place for freshwater diving in the country!


The Branson Table Rock Lake State Park Marina brings you a one-of-a-kind thrilling ride with its Para-Sails. The American Para-Sails flies high on Table Rock Lake, giving tourists the thrill of a lifetime. You will be able to see the vast lake from so many feet above the water level. There are hourly flights departing State Park Marina and also pre-arranged flights at other locations. Para-Sailing boats are equipped with the newest and safest technology for your safety and enjoyment.

Ride The Spirit

Ride The Spirit is the 48 ft. sailing catamaran in State Park Marina. This water vessel will bring you to another beautiful world just minutes from the Branson Strip. There are stable and comfortable seating for 49 passengers and the crew is friendly and will provide you will the best service so you will be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride and the scenery. If you want a bite, snack are available.

In the Table Rock Lake State Park Marina, you can enjoy all of these activities with your family. Or just simply relax and appreciate the place. There is an ultimate water fun waiting for you at the Table Rock Lake! For more information, visit

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