A Fun Summer at the Branson Xtreme Racing Center

Your vacation in Branson can be more than the live music shows that you can enjoy. You can also make it a more exciting one by visiting Branson’s amusement parks that will surely get the kids and adults really hyped. Branson has a lot of attractions that you can enjoy, but here is one that will surely take your excitement speeding up!

Come to Branson’s Xtreme Racing Center and experience some racing delight with the whole family. This theme park is not difficult to find in Branson as it is located in 76 Country Music Boulevard in Branson. 76 Country Music Boulevard is Branson’s entertainment district, so you can easily catch your favorite live music show after your adventure in the Xtreme Racing Center.

Xtreme Racing Center in Branson featur4es world-class Sodi high-speed racing karts, which can go as fast as 40 miles per hour. This is a truly exciting ride to be in, but of course, Xtreme Racing Center puts the passengers’ safety first before anything else. To be able to ride the racing karts, adult riders must be at least 51 inches tall. For the kid drivers, they must be at least 42 inches tall to be permitted to ride. Apart from these, the riders must possess a Racing License which can be acquired also from the Xtreme Racing Center. The Racing License can be bought at $7.99 for adults and kids alike. To ensure the safety of the riders before they go karting, the riders are required to wear a helmet with a sock underneath. You would not want to spoil all the fun in your vacation with a mishap, right? If you already have your gear or helmet, you are very welcome to bring it. You can also use your own helmets upon the approval of the Xtreme Racing Center.

The Xtreme Racing Cnter has three types of karts to cater to different skill levels of the riders. There is the kid kart for the kiddie racers, and there are also the GT5 and the RT8 for the adult racers. Adults must start on the GT5 kart before they can level up to the RT8 kart. For the kids, they start with the kid karts, and they can also level up to the GT5 and RT8 karts. You can also upgrade your Racing License by showing your timing sheet at the ticket counter, so you can receive an upgrade for your Racing License for free!

For your lodging place in Branson, make sure that you get to be close to all the action in Branson. Stay in Thousand Hills Golf Resort, which is also located near 76 Country Music Boulevard. Have your much deserved rest after having a tiring day in the Xtreme Racing Center as your Branson lodging is just minutes away. For more information and reservations in Thousand Hills, just dial 1-877-262-0430.

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