5 Must See Shows in Branson

shoji-tabuchi-bransonA vacation in Branson will not be complete without seeing the world-famous Branson shows. These shows are bound to put that cherry on top in your dream vacation, giving you a chance to experience world-class theater and concerts. You don’t need to spend much to experience concert scenes and witness theater plays. This time, let Branson serve you the entertainment that you deserve. Before you visit Branson, take note of these 5 must-see shows that will bring you into a whole new level in entertainment experience.

Are you longing to experience a fresh take on modern theater? If yes, then you have to see the Sight and Sound Theater in Branson. This theater is one of the many theaters offering quality shows in Branson. What makes this theater extraordinary is that it uses multimedia technology to ensure that the viewers have the ultimate theater experience. Sight and Sound Theater is a Christian theater company that produces theatrical plays based on Bible stories. This theater features set designs that will leave you in awe. A myriad of colorful costumes by the actors complete the grandiose impression that this theater is set to give you. Trained animals are also kept by the theater since these animals are used in their plays. And mind you, these are not your ordinary animals; these are camels, horses, birds, and many more. What sets this theater apart from other theaters? It is the special effects in their plays which makes their plays the best shows in Branson. 3D video imaging, laser lighting effects, and pyrotechnics will definitely make you say “wow” as you watch their plays. They have featured the heroic story of Noah and his ark in “Noah: The Musical” and Joseph’s nobel story in “Joseph - The Musical”. These shows can be definitely be appreciated by theater geeks and non-theater geeks alike.

The Shoji Tabuchi Theater is also considered to provide the greatest shows in Branson. Shoji Tabuchi, the main man of the theater, will surely entice you with his spellbinding violin masterpieces. Experience family entertainment with Shoji Tabuchi’s musically gifted family. His wife, Dorothy is a production guru who has elevated the quality of musical shows in Branson. His equally talented daughter, Christina, is also an X-factor in bringing success to the many musical and dance sequences that this theater gives the audience. Each member of the Shoji Tabuchi band boasts of at least one degree in music. The dance company is also managed by a renowned choreographer. With this said, expect a show full of bright lights that will surely dazzle you and bring you to music wonderland.

The Pierce Arrow Show is also one of the shows in Branson that should not be missed. This show will leave you laughing for hours as it features one of the best comedians in the person of Jarrett Dougherty. You can never guess whose character will he take for the night as he goes from the Preacher, Brother Cecil Watkins to the crazy Harry Pitts. Do not miss the stars of the show - the Pierce Arrow Quartet. This quartet caters to the musical ear of everyone as they sing current hits, Gospel, pop, and many more. With the beautiful melodies that they make, you are in for a night of pure music and talent with a touch of fun and laughter. The Pierce Arrow show is ideal for adults and kids of all ages alike.

Even before Branson became the live country music capital of the world, the Presley’s Country Jubilee already existed. The Presleys became Branson’s first family of entertainment because they are known to give the best shows in Branson. This family have delighted millions of people of all ages with their musical talent and the right comedic spunk. Four generations of the Presleys have helped shaped this famous show in Branson to be entertainment phenomenons. Truly, this family has entertainment in their genes. Witness the Presley brand of humor and their prowess in singing country classics and southern gospel. Get to see a tapestry of talent and tradition with the Presley’s show.

When you visit Branson, don’t pass up the chance to meet the country music legend Mickey Gilley in the Mickey Gilley Show. Indulge yourself in a show filled with country music and great comedy. This is perfect if you are looking for some family fun. Mickey Gilley is a true showman, always ready to sport a smile as the cameras flash his way. Let Mickey Gilley entertain you with his collection of 39 country songs, 17 of which made it to the top of the country charts. This is why he is a country music legend. This is why people say that he is a natural-born entertainer. The Mickey Gilley show is definitely worth the price as it will surely give you an unforgettable musical experience and fun-filled memories of the show.

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