365 Days to Honor Veterans in Branson

Most of Branson's residents and tourists recognize the sacrifice our armed forces have made to keep our country free and prosperous. The city of Branson celebrates those sacrifices each year with the Branson Veterans Homecoming, an event that welcomes veterans and their families for a week of entertainment and festivity especially to honor them. Scheduled for November 5 – 11, 2013, shows like 3 Redneck Tenors, the Acrobats of China, the Baldknobbers, and Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express will be participating in the Branson Veterans Homecoming. The Veterans Village will return to the Red Roof Mall shopping center, and Welk Resort will host the Traveling Vietnam Veterans Wall again in 2013. Other great events are planned throughout the week of celebration.

However, throughout the year many Branson businesses honor these men and women. Many of Branson’s shows also include a tribute to veterans during their performances. During the Branson Veterans Homecoming celebration and throughout the month of November, businesses will seek to honor this nation’s veterans with special offers and discounts. In 2012, Branson was named a “Purple Heart City”, the first in Missouri, and is known for being one of the most veteran friendly cities in America on a day to day basis. Branson welcomes veterans and are inspired by how much these men and women do for our country and our freedoms.

Additionally, multiple organizations reach out to veterans and families. An organization called Branson Veterans Events and Reunions coordinates events throughout the year to honor veterans. This not-for-profit organization helps organize Color Guards, Honor Guards, and even buglers for special events. Branson Veterans Events and Reunions wants to help groups of veterans and their families plan their vacations and reunions in the Branson area. The people at Branson Veterans Events and Reunions want to help say “Welcome Home, Thank You for your Service, and we’re glad you’re here.” On April 7, 2013, Branson Veterans Events and Reunions will be hosting a free event for veterans and their families at the Clay Cooper Theater. For more information about this organization, visit www.bransonveteransevents.com or visit their Facebook page.

Another of these organizations is the Branson Veterans Task Force. This veteran-to-veteran organization hopes to bring veterans together, and to honor them in a significant way. One way the Branson Veterans Task Force does this is by providing individuals and businesses with the opportunity to sponsor a flag on Branson’s Avenue of Freedom for a veteran, active military member, police officer, firefighter, or first responder. Each flag flies for 90 days; when that period is over, the flag will be shipped with a certificate to the recipient, and the recipient’s name will appear on the Avenue of Freedom Wall of Honor page located on the Branson Veterans Task Force website. For additional information, please visit bransonveteranswebsite.com

Whether you’re in Branson in November or June, please remember to thank our veterans, our active military personnel, our police officers, our firefighters, and our first responders who work day in and day out to keep our families, our homes, and our freedoms safe. If you meet a veteran, thank them for the time they spent upholding the ideals of this nation, and pray for those who are still fighting for the same reasons. Remember those who won’t be coming home, honor those that did, and honor those who are on their way back.

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